World Environment Day: How Jade's new minaudiere bags champion vegan luxury 

Helming the label, designer Monica Shah tells us about her idea of mindful luxury 

Priyamvada Rana Published :  02nd June 2023 01:21 PM   |   Published :   |  02nd June 2023 01:21 PM
Vegan accessory

Vegan accessory

Luxury lifestyle label Gucci recently unveiled its brand new minaudiere bags shaped like teddy bears and studded with sparkling crystals, featuring the iconic double G monogram. In no time, the well-heeled went gaga over the bag’s classic GG pattern and rainbow chevron design. The collection threw a spotlight on how the decorative French style handbag is a red-carpet staple accessory carried by socialites and celebs since 1930s in the Hollywood. Back home, the country’s fashion mavens Monica and Karishma dropped a slew of minaudiere bags under their label Jade’s vegan accessory line Made For Love.

Peta approved minaudière bag

The bags are not just an ode to the exquisite French accessory but also embody the idea of mindful luxury as they are vegan and PETA-approved. They are inspired by vintage coin purses used in ancient times. Each of the pieces in the collection presents a story with mystical Indian motifs — chakras, lotus flower and meenakari designs, adorning the 18-karat goldplated enamel bags. Their resplendent look gets elevated with a green malachite stone clasp and detachable gold chains, while some versions have silver plating. The bags are handcrafted by Rajasthan’s indigenous artisans and fares well with the label’s design philosophy to meld Indian craftsmanship with modern couture-worthy accessories that can be passed down through generations.

Vegan clutch

Telling us about how vegan handbags sum up her idea of mindful luxury, Monica shares, “Luxury to me isn’t about excess but conscious living. Moreover, I harbour an undying love for vintage and this often organically translates into my body of work. Our new drop reflects not only a love for couture and craftsmanship but our care for the planet. I have always upheld conscious values, which have been the inspiration behind my innovative designs season after season. Our label has been committed to sustainability and circular economy since its inception, so a collection like this one felt the most natural direction for the label.” This is not the first endeavour by Jade in responsible luxury.

Metallic silver clutch

Previously, they have collaborated with silversmiths from Bengal, meenakari artists and metallurgists from the central parts of India to yield authentic craftsmanship, using vegan cruelty-free materials to create these high couture pieces. Since quiet luxury has become a buzzword these days, Monica weighs on the trend, “The luxury that matters the most to me is one that’s mindful — something made with great love and care for crafts, instills joy, kindness and mindfulness within the person who owns such an item.”

Rs. 24,000 upwards. Available online and in store. 
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