Eternal Elegance: The latest drop by this Jaipur-based label will speak to the old souls in contemporary women

The collection includes pieces like bangles, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, nose pins and rings

Prattusa Mallik Published :  26th May 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th May 2023 12:00 AM
Pieces from the collection

Pieces from the collection

If your mind resembles a sepia mood board every time you go on a shopping spree, if you are a modern woman with an old soul, if vintage is your forever vibe, then this is a bijouterie collection you should make a note of. Replete with timeless Indian motifs, Arshia is the latest drop of the Jaipur-based label Tribe Amrapali. With a dainty feminine charm juxtaposed with a vintage vibe that instantly catches the eye, Arshia attempts to bring out the inner goddess within every woman.

Vamika Moon Maangtika

The collection includes pieces like bangles, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, nose pins and rings that capture the essence of traditional jewellery and yet can help make a subtle style statement on weddings and festive occasions. Each piece consists of pearls and colourful stones adorned in gold plating. While pearls are traditionally known for their elegant and timeless appeal, the vibrant stones add a pop of colour to the pieces, breaking the monotony. The gold plating makes the intricate designs look radiant and regal, adding to the overall allure of the collection. Some of the experimental pieces to look out for include the Mayuri Pearl Long Necklace and the Mihira Floral Long Necklace. Pair them up with a pantsuit or an evening gown and you get a complete look with minimal effort.

Vahini Reversible Chaandbali Earrings

Colour me pop
Walking us through the colour palette of the edit, the design head Akansha Arora says, “The collection embraces a timeless colour palette. While specific colour combinations may vary, you can expect a blend of rich and vibrant hues such as deep royal blues, lush greens, majestic purples, regal reds and many more, creating a captivating contrast against radiant gold.” If you have been privy to the label’s last collection Stella, you would have gotten a hint of an edit like Arshia following shortly. For the uninitiated, Stella features gold-plated pieces with stones and colourful enamel detailing. You could pair these versatile and easy-going pieces for brunch dates, family get-togethers, or just about any occasion to look and feel special.

Akansha Arora

Festive fervour
However, Arshia differs from Stella in the use of certain unique motifs. “Arshia perfectly amalgamates and balances the bright hues of the stones with the elegance and regal shine of pearls, delving into intricate details. Motifs and designs vary to add some much-needed eye-catching colour — be it with the symmetrical Indian motifs, dainty pearl droplets or stacks of gold chains to give a fuller modern-yet-traditional look,” Akansha explains, adding, “These elements collectively create stunning and unique pieces, making them perfect for weddings and festive occasions.” When asked about her upcoming projects, however, Akansha left us on a cliffhanger. “Something exciting is on its way. I can’t wait to share it with everyone soon!” she concludes.

INR 500. Available online. 

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