This edit is rooted in exploration, a design story that unfolds like a travelogue of days spent between discovery and relaxation

For fabrics, they chose light and breathable materials, perfect for the scorching heat.
Collection: Zanzibar
Collection: Zanzibar

Dressing up for beaches and holiday outings is an art. Picture flowing silhouettes, sun-kissed shoulders adorned with off-shoulder tops, and vibrant swimsuits glistening under the azure sky. Nicobar dropped a new collection Zanzibar, a design journey inspired by the cluster of islands that form the Zanzibar archipelago.

Nicobar often blends India’s rich heritage with contemporary designs in its edits. With each season, they embark on a voyage of inspiration across the Indian Ocean, weaving stories from destinations like Sri Lanka, Japan, Bali, and more into their collections. This sense of wanderlust permeates the brand’s design ethos, shaping pieces with love and tales from their travels.

Their latest design journey took them to the Zanzibar archipelago. This collection unfolds like a travelogue of discovery and relaxation, capturing the mood of chill, sun-kissed days. The clothing reflects Sun-kissed style the colours, flora, fauna, and ambience of this island paradise, featuring the azure and white of the beaches and pops of deep red, purple, and lively lime inspired by the region’s spice stories.

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

The co-creative head of the brand, Aparna Chandra expresses, “Transitioning from islands to city to jungle, the collection takes graphic and floral turns, drawing from rich cultural and visual identities of Zanzibar’s local communities.” She describes that with this edit in hand, you’ll get a chance to embrace a world of print and pattern, balanced with pops of vibrance. Reflecting on the spirit of wanderlust, Aparna defines the prints as celebrations of discovery, embodying the carefree Zanzibar spirit.

For fabrics, they chose light and breathable materials, perfect for the scorching heat. Aparna reveals, “Our material mix includes 100 per cent cotton, linen and other wonderfully breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and comfy. We also played with traditional shibori handdyeing techniques, giving our signature stripes a refresh,” adds Aparna.

In Zanzibar, both men and women will find the bold polka dot print, which is graphic, ageless, and fun. The team has worked with yarn-dyed patterns woven into 100 per cent cotton, creating a spectrum of colours and intricate textures. Unlike prints, these stripes are part of the fabric, adding texture and nuance that you can touch and feel.

Additionally, the brand has turned the often-discarded selvedge into a unique design feature, skillfully incorporating it into hemlines and necklines to eliminate wastage.

These versatile pieces are perfect for holidays, the office, special occasions, and everything in between. They pair effortlessly with each other and your existing wardrobe, making them easy to layer and love!

Price starts at Rs 3,000.

Available online.

Collection: Zanzibar
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