Renowned for his menswear label, designer Narendra Kumar now offers a new line that boasts fusion wear for women

The label prioritises an easy fit tailored to the Indian silhouettes while incorporating vibrant hues, intriguing prints and flattering silhouettes
Dresses from Tamiska
Dresses from Tamiska

Fashion designer Narendra Kumar — renowned for his menswear creations and styling luminaries such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan — is now venturing into women’s wear.

Tailored for women who approach the world with unwavering confidence, the new line — Tamiska by Narendra Kumar — envisioned a line that effortlessly embodies style, seamlessly transitioning from weekday to weekend.

“My experience spearheading the launch and development of Amazon Fashion as their creative director has given me a unique perspective on the broader consumer landscape. Coupled with this, the current prevalence of social media has contributed to a convergence within the market, eroding traditional barriers in fashion. Tamiska emerged in response to these shifts aiming to cater to the evolving demands of the Indian ethnic segment who seek fashion akin to international brands, yet prefer attire aligned with their cultural preferences,” Narendra Kumar begins.

The label prioritises an easy fit tailored to the Indian silhouettes while maintaining meticulous attention to garment detailing. The summer collection offers a selection of 120 pieces and is narrated through a captivating blend of internationally vibrant hues, intriguing prints and flattering silhouettes.

“The muse behind our collections is every woman who embraces travel or desires to infuse a global essence into her wardrobe, regardless of age or body type. One could call this a fusion brand offering co-ord sets, tunics, tops and dresses in easy, maintainable fabrics like hammered satins, rayon and tencel base in various weaves,” the designer elucidates.

While the colour palette blends trending hues currently popular in India, complemented by classic basics like white and black, the collection’s emphasis lies in intricate details such as sleeves, collars, cuffs and elongated shorts, complemented by premium accessories. “This approach was chosen to infuse western elements into the designs while ensuring comfortable fits tailored to the Indian woman. Our primary focus is on the art of tailoring, a hallmark of the Narendra Kumar brand’s reputation,” he reveals.

₹1,699 onwards. Available online.

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