Design studio Mapcha launches signature jewellery edition ahead of Tibetan Lunar New Year

Mapcha, a unique design studio that strives to reflect the diverse ensemble of the Himalayan culture has launched its Losar Edit, a special jewellery edition.

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The Losar Edit by Mapcha

The Losar Edit by Mapcha

Mumbai, 19 February: Mapcha, a unique design studio that strives to reflect the diverse ensemble of the Himalayan culture has launched its Losar Edit (signifying the Tibetan Lunar New Year, 24-26 February) - a special jewellery edition, Trin-kar and Trin-ser

Traditional in spirit and contemporary in form, the handcrafted earrings in sterling silver and 18k gold dipped takes inspiration from the clouds (Trin-pa) of the auspicious Thangka art.

Founded by Lhanzey Palden in 2018, Mapcha is a lifestyle brand inspired by Himalayan art and culture.

The brand houses jewellery, a designer clothing line, home decor and accessories. 

Translated from the Tibetan word for ‘peacock’, Mapcha was born out of a desire to place traditional Himalayan arts and aesthetics within the contemporary space. 

It draws elements from the visual arts of the Himalayan region by placing traditional motifs out of context within the contemporary space. 

Such reinterpretation is undertaken in the belief that these constitute living rather than eternal traditions, which can accommodate changing times and the needs of new generations.

“In a world of loud kitschy designs, Mapcha’s aim is to create designs that are minimal and timeless, that will withstand the test of time. Our jewellery line and home decor is versatile and steeped in culture," says Lhanzey Palden, Founder and Creative Director, Mapcha.

"Upalla, the clothing line we carry have easy silhouettes in solid earthy tones inspired by the Tibetan architectural palette. All the fabrics we use are natural and have been thoughtfully created,” adds Lhanzey Palden.

Mapcha aims to translate the character of experience into a design language that can communicate universally. 

The brand will constantly endeavour to present its patrons a window into the vivid and engaging cultural lifestyle of the Himalayan people and the rich nuances of their legacy.

The founding studio is located in the culturally rich and commercially bustling district of Majnu ka Tila - an erstwhile Tibetan refugee settlement but now one of the key tourist places in New Delhi, India.


The Losar Edit by Mapcha


Lhanzey Palden is the founder and creative head of Mapcha, which she founded in 2018. 

Lhanzey studied Economics from Delhi University and has a Masters degree in Arts and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. 

Taking a keen interest in visual arts, material and culture, specifically of the Himalayan region, Lhanzey aims to bring forward deeper narratives of history and traditions embedded in her designs and work. 

By bringing culture to the foreground, Mapcha aims to translate and reproduce visual history and material into a contemporary space.


The Losar Edit by Mapcha