How to be a conscious rebel

“Born of an urge to do what one pleases, others be damned. That’s what Attiitude is all about,"

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From grunge to prints, men’s fashion has seen countless trends come and go. Despite groundbreaking ideas like gender-fluid movements, mainstream brands have more or less stuck to their standard principles when it comes to this particular category. In 2015, however, London’s stylescape witnessed a massive change as a group of fashion enthusiasts came together to build Attiitude—the extra ‘I’ being a reinforcement of individuality. Boasting of over a million social media followers dispersed across 21 countries—amassed within the first two years of its launch—this rebellious brand has championed causes ranging from sustainability to extreme sports like parkour/freerunning so far. “Born of an urge to do what one pleases, others be damned. That’s what Attiitude is all about,” states Mansoor Ahamed, the brand’s founder and CEO, when asked the about the spirit of their label.

On the move
Staying true to their ideals of an ‘out of the box’ lifestyle in every way possible, the UK-based brand informs us that their production techniques involve sustainable methods like ozone wash, and it doesn’t end there. Use of organic materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp is another aspect that sets them apart when it comes to activewear labels. But that does that mean compromise on comfort? Not really. Designed with seamless movements as one of its top priorities, the apparels from this unconventional line also possess fast drying, anti-odour, and moisture wicking properties. Their current range of athleisure-inspired designs include pieces like hoodies, jackets, joggers tees and accessories.“Highly talented Italian designers—who hail from various top fashion and design colleges—are behind all this creativity,” shares Mansoor, adding the brand has been extremely popular with sports personalities including Caribbean star batsman, Chris Gayle. Currently focussed on expanding their base in India with a number of brick-and-mortar stores, Mansoor and his team is busy developing unique customer experience zones for their Indian clientele. 

Champion's choice
“Attiitude has been synonymous with alternative sports globally and it is a privilege to be a part of the great list of athletes Attiitude has on its roster. The brand echoes my philosophy and I feel a strong connect with it. Both Attiitude and I are committed to a long-term partnership,” shares Chris Gayle, commenting on his association with team attiitude.

written with inputs from Twinkle Sebastian