Supermodel Alesia Raut gives you a sneak peek on what it takes to be a model

Get your stilettos out and headbands on. From walking in a line to mastering that perfect upper body pose, it’s all about discipline at the two-day model boot camp with Alesia Raut

Rebecca Vargese Published :  12th May 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th May 2017 06:00 AM

A practised pout, a purposeful glance and that nonchalant walk tell a tale of one who has walked the ramp for years – 18 to be precise and with such élan. Poised to host the Zoelle model boot camp in the city next week, supermodel Alesia Raut tells us the fascinating story of how as a skinny awkward teen she found her calling on the ramp and now is the official trainer for models at the Femina Miss India pageant. While the leggy lass’ ability to pull off the haughty model look is a much-admired trait, the 35-year-old is all smiles when she talks about her son, friends and work. From doling out hard truths about the profession to handling wardrobe malfunctions, Alesia Raut shares with us her modelling playbook. 

What is the single most important thing about modelling?
Not everybody can be a model. That is the gospel truth. It doesn’t matter how good looking or tall you are or how well you can carry yourself. It takes someone who can follow direction without letting emotion get in the way and that takes a lot of discipline. 
You have been a regular at Lakmé Fashion Week, and fresh faces are something that has become commonplace on the ramp. How much has modelling changed since you first started?
 Most of us took it up as a hobby, but, today modelling has become a serious profession. With the ever increasing number of fashion weeks, your chances to find a spot on the ramp are much better. The avenues are bigger and the money is better.


18-years on the runway. What have been your key takeaways?
Respond, never react! You may fall, your clothes may rip. Everything boils down to how you pick yourself up and walk away from a bad situation. A good way to do that is to focus on your footwork. Another thing to remember is three things go hand-in-hand on the ramp – how the designer wants you to portray the garment, the choreographer’s instructions and the music.
The one thing that models tend to forget... to have fun. You may be required to carry a deadpan expression, but unless you are enjoying your walk, you might as well be showcasing the clothes on hangers! (Laughs.)
Alesia Raut will train models at the Zoelle Fashion Model Boot Camp at Taj Coromandel on May 18 and 19. Details: 7397242225