Celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan comes to Bengaluru for a pop-up

The designer is showcasing the collection Elysian Dreams

Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo Published :  06th October 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th October 2017 06:00 AM

Farah Khan

"I think everyone in Bollywood has worn my jewellery,” says celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan, matter-of-factly, without a sense of false modesty, when asked if there’s someone she would love to see wearing her designs for the first time. “But if I could turn back time, it would have been a dream come true to see princess Diana in one of my pieces,” she adds. The designer will be in Shimmer at UB City to showcase her limited edition line, Elysian Dreams that takes inspiration from the elegance of the swan and the peacock. 

“Birds are so graceful, fluid and agile. That was something I wanted to capture in Elysian Dreams,” says Farah, about the collection, which uses a mix of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, South Sea pearls, tanzanites and rubellites. Set in 18k gold, peacock and swan motifs are repeated throughout the line that is synonymous with Bollywood glamour, as is the rest of Farah’s work. Painting a multi-hued picture of a summer garden in full bloom is a striking cuff, intricately adorned with emeralds, diamonds, blue sapphire and rubies - one of the signature pieces of this line. 

Apart from cuffs and earrings, the pop-up at Shimmer will also include rings and necklaces that are high on drama and glamour. “Every piece is a statement piece. With Elysian Dreams, I’ve gone a little more experimental and bold, while my previous collections have been slightly on the traditional side. However, one thing that’s common across all my work is the kind of stones I use. I look for gemstones that are lustrous. The way the stone interacts with light is very important to me. So you will not find anything dull or staid,” she explains.


Farah on bridal and festive jewellery trends for the year:

Nose rings are all the rage now and will be popular throughout the festive season.

Also invest in statement shoulder dusters (earrings that graze the shoulder), as they are quite popular.

People are getting bolder and louder when it comes to their choice of jewellery. So have fun with your accessories. The more experimental, the better. 

Rs. 25,000 upwards. October 6. At Shimmer, UB City. Details: 9886634711


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