A Tamil campaign breaking barriers

Chennai-based Angi Clothing is bringing out a fresh perspective to fashion with their new cross-culture campaign

Rehna Abdul Kareem Published :  20th October 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th October 2017 06:00 AM

Russian and African American models sporting metallic bombers, tinted hairdos, flashy shades and a hint of ’90s fashion — and then you spot that T-shirt that says Naan Tamizhan endru solluda (Say that you're a tamilian). In an attempt to break barriers in fashion,  Angi Clothing, Chennai’s local T-shirt label just put out a campaign promoting cross culture clothing. The campaign has models from Northeast India, the United States of America and Russia wearing T-shirts from Angi with messages like, “Straight outta Madras, Rowthiram Pazhagu, Madrasi Da and more!

“This campaign stands for love and togetherness,” says Ragh-avendar, one of the founders of Angi clothing. “It is the first fashion campaign that features a Tamil urban street-wear brand which has talents from north east India styled in international fashion trends. Prior to this, we happened to shoot with a Russian and an African-American model sporting our T-shirts, from which we drew our initial inspiration. So we have broadened the horizon as a T-shirt brand starting off from Chennai.”
Conceptualised in 2012 by an entourage of youngsters; Ragha-vendar, Kumar, Periyaswamy, Jegadeesh, Nanilaventhan, Prabhakar, Harish Kumar, the group had a natural inclination towards Chennai. “We noticed the lack of brands for Tamil-based content on T-shirts. Angi began its journey from there” explains the team. 'Angi' is an old Tamil word and the word 'angavasthram' was derived from Angi. They draw inspiration from Tamil motifs, typography, literary giants like Bharathiyar and Thiruvalluvar, movies and Indian folklore. 

“The core concept was to make a Tamil urban street-wear brand reach a diversified group of people,”says Raghavendra. “We are broadening our spectrum by portraying different regional identities styled up together with a message of unity while staying as relevant as possible with current global trends.”Angi is in talks with several musicians and artists and will be making an announcement soon. They are working towards having their own show as well.
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