India is seeing a major shift in menswear: Nikhil Thampi

Designer Nikhil Thampi is all set to launch his Menswear capsule collection next week designed exclusively for the unconventional man.

author_img   |   Published :   |  19th September 2017 07:28 PM
Nikhil Thampi

Nikhil Thampi

Designer Nikhil Thampi is all set to launch his Menswear capsule collection next week designed exclusively for the unconventional man. After four successful seasons, the celebrity favourite designer returns with a unique capsule collection for Men. The key focus for the designer was versatility; the collection offers distinctive formal and semi-formal looks suitable for all ages and every body type.

"As a designer, it is your moral duty to do something forward, fun and quirky when the platform is open to you," says Nikhil. "We have a line of formal and semi-formal pieces with jackets that have interesting lengths. We have transcended beyond the bubble of classic silhouettes and experimented with cool looks." Nikhil has gone with colours that are close to his label and brand. Blacks, whites and nudes are the colour palette he is most known for and that's exactly where he decided to focus on.


Interestingly merging Technology with Fashion, Nikhil playfully breaks the conventional length of a man’s usual wardrobe. Inspired by global trends, the collection sees the lengths of the ensembles varying across robe jackets and waistcoats. Apart from using muted tones and tasteful colour-blocked looks, Nikhil has also managed to integrate the DNA of his label with the use of metal chips in his designs. "We have experimented with some colour blocking which is something that is not common in menswear," says Nikhil. "This is a collection for the youth. For those who are taking up different career choices. A young guy entering the glamour industry will need to dress up accordingly and that person will surely appreciate fashion."


Ask him about menswear in India and how open men are towards new trends and he says, "India is seeing a major shift in menswear, where men are constantly seeking to try out new and different styles. They have become more experimental and are keen on investing time in dressing up. With this collection, I aim to cater to audiences of every body type, and basically anyone on the lookout for unconventional, fashion-forward clothing.” Nikhil is of the opinion that challenging the audience is something he loves to do. Especially experimenting with details like the length of the lapels. "It is turning out to be quite exciting and the paradigm shift in perspective of people is refreshing as well." Nikhil uses a polyester blend for his menswear because it gives out a more relaxed and chilled out vibe. "The material is mostly used for women's gowns and blazers but it works pretty well in this collection as well. I started wearing polyester blend in the jacket form and it fits really well. It looks luxurious, has colour variations and is something that is aspirational."


The collection will be priced between INR 30,000 to INR 60,000 and will be available in online stores including and