Hidesign launches new collection

Their latest collection is inspired by the stately fighters of  Maasai Mara

Paulami Sen Published :  22nd September 2017 06:18 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd September 2017 06:18 PM

Joy Kendi

Steering clear of stereotypes of what is easily passed off as ‘Africa-inspired,’  Hidesign has unveiled a new collection of bags, titled Maasai Collection. Available at their outlets in the city, these bags are inspired by founder Dilip Kapur’s travels to Kenya. A happy coincidence is that the face of the line happens to be the ravishing Kenyan fashion and lifestyle blogger, Joy Kendi. “During my visit to Maasai Mara, I was inspired by the synergy of the people of this tribe with nature, their heritage in crafting beads, spears and hides,” he says adding that he wanted a collection that would be modern, yet reflect the elegance of the Maasai people.  


The design team has shunned the hackneyed interpretations of the tribe, and has instead opted for contemporary shapes.Intricate craftsmanship is highlighted by hand-stitched  beadwork and sand-casted brass accessories on tan leather. The earthy leather, especially developed for this range has a heavy grain that is further highlighted by hand colouring with a two-tone effect. The bags are available in tan, brown and the signature red of the Maasai.  The collection comprises wallets and handbags, all of them have modern shapes like the detachable guitar straps, for instance. The top pick from the collection? “The multi-paneled fashionable Swala shoulder bag,” says the founder and president of the label, wrapping up the chat.

Rs 2,495 onwards
Details: 32501529