This homegrown label specialises in artisanal clothing made with natural dyes 

Co-founded by actor Amalda Liz and Sidharth Rajendran, Clothes Without Borders, a Kochi-based eco-friendly label, focusses on boho frocks and T-shirts in pleasing tones

Arya P Dinesh Published :  22nd September 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd September 2017 06:00 AM
Clothes Without Borders

Clothes Without Borders

In a world where fast fashion is being likened to a sin, it is important to know the whereabouts of our daily wear. At Clothes Without Borders (CWB), a city-based artisanal  label co-founded by actor Amalda Liz and Sidharth Rajendran, we might be able to find some answers. Tracing its inspiration all the way back to the global slow fashion movement—endorsed by several homegrown labels including Rouka—CWB positions itself as a rebellion against the mainstream textile industry. “Over the last year, our research regarding the industry involved several visits to the dyeing factories and what we saw there  is  alarming,” shares the duo, adding that these findings pushed them towards sustainable production methods. 

Colour me happy
A self-taught designer, Amalda’s designs are hand dyed with hues extracted from natural ingredients which include flowers like calendula and sand. While the featured colours range from muted greys to purples, their silhouettes are distinctly bohemian, with detailing such as bell sleeves, textured modal fabrics and layers.“The shades showcased in our collections may vary each time, as the process is extremely tricky,” shares Amalda, elaborating that minimal changes such as the use of rainwater instead of normal water could result in completely different colour combinations. Moving away from the popular motifs, CWB focuses more on abstract dots and patterns in pleasing tones such as olive green. 

One of a kind
Having officially launched their label at Zook’s April edition this year, this entrepreneur duo has been  a constant presence at the flea markets happening in Kochi.“Since it takes up to three weeks to dye a single T-shirt, we are adhering to a small batch policy and we don’t repeat designs,” says Sidharth, adding that they work in collaboration with stitching  units   based in Kochi. Currently operating out of a flat in Vennala, CWB is hoping to expand to boutique stores across the country in the near future.

Dresses from `4,000 onwards