A collection of cerulean blue to steel blue gowns

Ashwin Thiyagarajan’s new collection ‘A gloomy affair,’ is visually stunning

Rehna Abdul Kareem Published :  29th September 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  29th September 2017 06:00 AM


Imagine dropping a blot of ink into water. As the ink spreads out into the water, it creates a visually splendid image. That’s exactly what Ashwin Thiyagarajan’s new collection ‘A gloomy affair’resembles. Gorgeous rouched chiffon transform into ethereal silhouettes in soft colour palettes. “It’s what I imagined fairies would wear if they existed in 2017,” says Ashwin cheekily. After having worked with Infosys for more than two years, Ashwin pursued fashion out of sheer interest and passion. His label Ashwin Thiyagarajan and his first collection were released in 2014, inspired by the midnight sky. “I guess I have a fascination for the sky. It involved deep colours and crystal embellishments that shimmered like the stars in a gorgeous night sky,” says the 25-year-old designer. 

Ashwin’s new line is inspired by his love for gloomy weather which Chennai has been experiencing recently. Textures and colours were inspired from this and the collection is going to be a mix of gowns, short dresses, pantsuits and skirts.  His signature style is classic elegance with a raw modern finish. “While most designers like to conceal the fraying edges by doing an inverted stitch or overlock, I like to leave them as it is. I think it adds to the beauty of an outfit.”Ashwin however emphasises on elegance  no matter how revealing his designs are. “Most pieces are not going to have a lining. They are going to be sheer and see-through. Retaining the elegance is not an easy task, but I think it will work out just fine.” Ashwin has chosen chiffon as the fabric for this line, given its comfort factor. “It’s easy on the skin and when manipulated right, it gives a beautiful texture. It translates your design wonderfully from thought to reality. Moreover, it gives the garment an ethereal touch. “Although Chennai’s high humidity levels and stickiness is a concern, Ashwin assures that the material is lightweight and is a feasible fabric.

Ashwin’s designing process starts with first being inspired by something which triggers a new line or a collection. “I identify a common technique or two that will run among all pieces in the collection to make them relevant,” says Ashwin. A few common techniques that he’s used in this collection are rouching with heat application, short ruffles with fraying edges and digital printing. “I decide the colour palette and then the designs come to life.” Ashwin hopes to get his own fashion show together and has a collection in progress. “I can’t wait for all of it to come together,” says Ashwin with a smile. Ashwin functions out of his workshop in MRC Nagar where he specialises in bespoke wear. 

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