Live the fine Italian dream with this delhi-based designer's premium linen dresses

Get into vacay mode with Delhi-based designer Shabnam Oberoi’s new holiday collection

Rehna Abdul Kareem Published :  14th July 2018 08:16 PM   |   Published :   |  14th July 2018 08:16 PM


It’s the high seas and the Italian dream that first inspired Delhi-based designer Shabnam Oberoi to first start designing clothes and then eventually starting her own label. Exclusively retailing only in linen, Shabnam started in 2014 when she went to Italy for a wedding and noticed that everyone was wearing premium linen dresses. “The wedding had a theme of linens only, and in different colours,” says Shabnam. “I shopped for several linen pieces there, came back with the idea, started putting together some clothes for myself and eventually started wearing them in front of friends. They loved it and I decided to start the label.” Shabnam who is in the garment export business, recently launched her monsoon collection which she will be showcasing in Chennai in the coming week. This is the designer’s first visit to Chennai. 

“I was exploring Capri, a small island in Italy’s Bay of Naples when I noticed how subtle and effortlessly the people dress there,” says Shabnam. “So along with the chic style of Italy, I decided to create a complete look where I couple a dress with straw hats and wooden and ceramic jewellery. The look is completely a resort/holiday wear and what’s more is that it is biodegradable and environment friendly.” Shabnam makes sure that she not only uses sustainable fabrics but also ensures that there’s minimum wastage.  "The best quality of linen is the Irish linen, which works out to be really expensive. For my collection however, I’ve got some European yarn, but the collection is made in India.” 

Specialising mostly in dresses, Shabnam’s label doesn’t do embellishments or embroidery work. She keeps it simple and highlights the cuts on the dress. Her pieces are mostly A-line, fitted at the bust and then flares out which makes it a perfect fit for both - bigger and smaller sizes.  “We have something that suits every body and my USP are my flowy cuts, which is the reason people come to me.” She also highlights how great linen dresses are as workwear, given the long shelf life of linen.  As far as colour palette goes, she first started off with just whites and naturals, however her clients started requesting for more collection and so she started introducing more colours. “We now have bright green and I am also doing plums and turquoise blues.” With 70 garments on display, along with straw hats and shoes, Shabnam will be bringing in not just single pieces but whole looks as well so that customers get an idea of how the whole ensemble looks like. 

Starts at Rs 6000 

On July 18 and 19

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