GI tag to soon bring more lustre to Hyderabad's lac bangles  

The 500-year-old craft is expected to get a GI tag in a year  

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Credit: Sreeha Reddy

Credit: Sreeha Reddy

Telangana is a land where one can find varied ancient artefacts, handlooms, handicrafts and jewellery. Its famous lac bangles from Laad Bazaar are one such treasured craft and the state is making strides to obtain a geographical indicator (GI) tag for it. The GI application for these bangles has been filed with the GI Registry, Chennai and the bangles are expected to gain the GI tag in the next one year. 

A GI tag is a designation that is given to products that have a geographical place of origination. 

The legacy of the lac bangles can be traced back 500 years. The process involves extracting lacquer from resin which is melted over a furnace and moulded into a circle. It is then studded with crystals, mirrors, and beads. These bangles have gained such a cult status as an accessory that they are considered a must-buy for tourists in Hyderabad.

Lac Bangles of Hyderabad

Mamidi Harikrishna, director of the Language and Culture department of the Telangana Government, emphasised the importance of the GI tag. “After the GI tag, exports of lac bangles will definitely increase and this will give more employment opportunities to artisans. The GI tag will help to reach untapped international markets all across the globe, thereby giving more visibility to the bangles.”

The GI tag process is being pioneered by Subhajit Saha, GI agent along with Sreeha Reddy, the nodal officer from the Industry and Commerce Department and Sudin Paul, deputy director for the Commerce and Export Promotion Department, Government of Telangana. 

Logo of Lac bangles

A unique logo has been designed for the craft. The logo shows two joined hands which are adorned with bright red lac bangles with the Charminar in the back, portraying the cultural significance of the product.