Hyderabad-based The Intimogala is making the art of table-scaping a flattering part of celebrations

Their services revamp table-decor for close-knit gatherings.

Priyamvada Rana Published :  27th January 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th January 2023 12:00 AM
Table dressing by The Intimogala

Table dressing by The Intimogala

There was a time when table dressing used to be functional with just the salt cellar, plates and table mats bedecking the surface. However, it became a more elaborate term by the 1700’s when the Western World dominated by aristocracy used it as an expression of their class. The concept became a part of pop culture with Pinterest and now Instagram flooding our feeds with posts of lavish tablescapes done as per a theme, with exquisite centerpieces, delicate cutlery and gorgeous table-cloths.


With the preference for intimate gatherings on an all-time high, city-based brands like The Intimogala are making table-scaping an endearing aspect of celebrations. “We wanted to bring people together. The most fun way for them to come closer to one another is when they’re around a table. We wanted to make their special days like birthdays, date nights, anniversaries or wedding dinners all the more memorable,” says Kirtana Gollamudi, architect-designer and founder of the brand at the start of our conversation. Kirtana’s inspirations for tablescapes vary from paintings and history to travels. She sometimes collects objects from her expeditions and includes them in the settings for a personalised touch. “Some decorative objects we use are collectables, some sourced online while some we create on our own. My husband and I are into pottery, so we sometimes include our pieces as well!”

Table dressing by The Intimogala

We asked Kirtana about her latest table décor which was for a date night. “It was more like some personal time for the couple to revel in before the marriage celebrations kick in. I appreciate paintings that depict domesticity in interior spaces. I stumbled upon this British painter Susan Ryder’s work that features dining rooms which makes the recreation more relatable.”

Table aesthetics

Kirtana has joined forces with photographers, natural dye experts and venue partners to create a dreamy ambience for people. “Our photographer, Teja Srinivas who also works in the IT sector in Hyderabad, brings various storytelling elements alive with images. From developing a pictorial narrative for the theme to making sure the content is fresh and consistent — he does it all. At the end of the day, no matter how much work I put in, if it's not documented well to convey that experience, then it will be hard for people to appreciate it.” She has also collaborated with her friend Ramya Nandyala, a city-based designer of a natural dye clothing label who makes most of the table linen for The Intimogala, and Kerala based architect Hannah Elizabeth who designs menus and invitations for tablescapes. “It might seem like just a simple table setting, but a lot of team effort goes into putting it together,” she tells us. 

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