World's largest T-shirt enters Guinness World Records; can you guess what it's made from?

The Giant T-shirt is made exclusively from recycled plastic textile material, created to encourage more people to engage in recycling
World's largest T-shirt
World's largest T-shirt

Aren’t baggy, oversized T-shirts all the rage in street-style fashion right now? The larger the tee, the better. With its enormous size, this shirt will undoubtedly be right up your alley. On April 22, the Asociația 11even Association and Kaufland România, with support of the Romanian Rugby Federation, broke the record for the "biggest T-shirt in the world" and entered the Guinness World Records.

The book of Guinness World Records added this T-shirt to its pages on Saturday, at Bucharest's Arcul de Triumf Stadium, after the Giant's jersey was measured by a team of surveying engineers and validated by a Guinness World Records representative using the required criteria.

To create this T-shirt, the company Asociația 11even used the help of the local supermarket Kaufland Romania, which assisted in collecting more than double the number of plastic bottles necessary to produce the T-shirt. The Giant T-shirt is made entirely of recycled plastic textile material and was designed to promote environmentally friendly behaviour.

Regular-sized T-shirts of this design are also available at this supermarket. "We are proud to have managed to break this world record and promote recycling and sustainability at the same time. Together with our customers and partners, we confirmed once again that our joint involvement can make a difference. We want this project to inspire and encourage people to recycle more and take care of the environment," Kaufland Romania CSR Manager Katharina Scheidereiter stated.

According to the Guinness World Records website, the T-shirt stretches across a staggering 108.96 m in length and 73.48m in width. More than 500,000 recycled plastic bottles were used to create the fabric for this one-of-a-kind T-shirt, which took just over three weeks for them to collect and an entire month for the seamstress to sew it all together. The T-shirt’s design is a reinterpreted model of the Romanian National Flag, which also appears on the official jersey of the Romanian rugby team. The jersey is noted to be as big as a rugby pitch and weighs about 4 tonnes.

Additionally, the T-shirt will be recycled for proper use, maintaining the principles behind its creation. More than 12,000 T-shirts for adults and children will be produced with the material used for the giant T-shirt. Most will be donated during the Bucurie în Mișcare events, one of the most important programmes to promote the mass movement in Romania, organised by the Asociația 11even Association with the support of Kaufland Romania. A portion of the T-shirt will also be used to outfit many sports clubs throughout the country, including rugby.

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