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Indulge speaks to founder Prisha on the luxe bags collections

Subhadrika Sen Published :  23rd November 2023 11:59 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd November 2023 11:59 PM

Trendy silver bags from Shynora

It’s the time for festivities, occasions, get-togethers, and of course weddings. Looking for the perfect accessory for yourself or for gift purposes? Then check out the silver purses by Shynora. Co-founders Chetali and Prisha Goyal and their innovativeness led to the aesthetically designed bags made of sterling silver. These include purses, slings, handbags, and more in a never-before-seen elegance.

Indulge catches up with Prisha to learn more about their aesthetics.

How did the thought of making silver purses cross your mind?

We've always had an affinity for bags and envisioned them not just as beautiful accessories but as lasting investments or heirlooms. Observing the prevailing trends of bags that exude opulence and elegance, we decided to infuse the age-old Indian craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics for today's dynamic woman.

What inspires the intricate designs?

Our designs are a blend of the modern and the timeless. For those leaning toward contemporary fashion, our minimalistic circular and abstract motifs offer a chic and simple flair. On the other hand, if you have a penchant for tradition, our intricate motifs, featuring the peacocks and the ethereal Radha-Krishna, are perfect for festive occasions. The goal is to resonate with every individual's unique style and story.

What does your latest collection entail?

Think of today's confident woman, and that's our muse for our collections! Whether you're someone who wants a bag for functionality or someone like me who is obsessed with the mini-bag trend, we've got you.

What kind of ensembles can they be paired with?

They are versatile and can be paired based on one's style. Whether it's a sleek mini bag with a chic jumpsuit or a sophisticated trunk bag with festive Indian attire, there's a Shynora for every look.

What kind of care techniques would you suggest to someone who purchases these exquisite pieces?

As with any piece of art, your Shynora bag deserves the utmost care. We recommend storing it in its dust bag in a moisture-free environment. Steer clear of water, perfumes, and sanitizers. Clean with a soft dry cloth.

Are you working on any collection right now?

Yes, we are excited for the festive and wedding season. Hop on to our Instagram to know more.

Price on request

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