Styling it right

The wedding season can be super hectic, especially if you are a bridesmaid or a family member of the bride and groom

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For representational purposes

For representational purposes

Whether you’re a childhood friend of the newlyweds or the favourite cousin who has just landed in the country to attend the wedding, everyone needs a special hairstyle to mark the occasion of your loved one. If you are short of inspiration, here’s a round-up of the top hairstyles from Amy Johnson, Dyson Global Lead Stylist.

70s Waves

With a nod to 70’s style, wear this free flowing and power hairstyle to make a statement in any wedding. Achieve lustrous volume with sweeping soft curls that frame the face, enhancing hair’s natural movement with added texture. Pair this hairdo with a salwar suit or a gorgeous sari to bring back the 70’s.

How to achieve this:

  • Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair that has been combed through. Be gentle with your hair when it is wet as it is weaker and more prone to damage.
  • Once free of tangles, add a volumising spray at the roots and section the hair.
  • Next, go in with a round volumizing brush and a hair dryer at medium temperature and begin styling from underneath the hair section. Start twirling the brush outwards and dry the hair section by section. Ensure that the bristles create tension to shape hair as it dries.
  • For added volume, lift each section at the root as you dry. Ensure the section is fully dry before moving to the next section. If there is any moisture left in the hair, this will cause the style to drop out and that hard-earned volume to be lost.
  • To style the ends, flick the section outwards by placing the brush on top of the hair and turning it outwards.
  • Once dry, roll the section up and secure with a sectioning clip. This will allow the hair to fully cool and set into a wavy shape with maximum volume. Repeat this on each section until all the hair is dry and clipped into rolls.
  • Allow hair to cool for five minutes — or whilst finish party preparations! — before releasing each section until all clips have been removed. Gently brush the hair through with a short-bristled paddle brush and position into place, flicking the hair over into a side parting.
  • Finish with a holding styling product to fix the style in place and increase style longevity.

Bangs & Fringes

While fringes can add a touch of youthfulness to many, grown out fringes and unruly bangs can turn into a nightmare if not taken care of. Here’s how to keep fringes in frame amidst the wedding frenzy:

  • Always blow dry the fringe after washing with the Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer — leaving it to dry natural can cause annoying kinks or misdirected hair strands, resulting in a fringe that just won’t sit right  
  • When blow drying, try lifting the roots up with a brush until the hair is almost dry. Then blast air downwards on top of the fringe to loosen and soften the shape. This will give a little volume and help the fringe sit more naturally. Any styling concentrate or a round volumizing brush would be perfect for this.
  • To add shape and style, for those gorgeous sweeping bangs, the fringe needs to be shaped away from the face. Using a straightener, bend the ends of the fringe outwards and sweep them away to the sides of the face
  • Alternatively, use a curling barrel pointing away from the face.

Casually Elegant

We’ve got you covered with this elegant look that’s guaranteed to impress anyone in the crowd. No less than showstopper, this hairdo is perfect to pair with a flowy sari or fluidic lehengas during reception or wedding evening. How to achieve this:

  • Start by using the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler with its pre-styling dryer attachment on a high heat and high airflow setting, and blow dry the hair until 80% dry. To create root lift, scrunch the hair roots with your fingers during the process.
  • Once dried, section your hair into half, creating a center part.
  • Starting with one half, create inward facing curls by manually winding a small section of hair around the 40mm Airwrap barrel on a high heat and high airflow setting.  Change the direction of airflow and repeat the process to het outward facing curls.
  • Once the hair is fully curled, attach the firm smoothing brush on the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler and brush through the curls from root to ends to loosen them
  • Seal and add texture to the look by applying a setting spray.

Volumised Blowout

The wedding season can be super hectic, especially if you are a bridesmaid or a family member of the bride and groom. With no time at hand to opt for your Pinterest board inspired wedding hairstyles, a smooth blowout would be the best option at hand.Quick and easy, the smooth blowout hairstyle can make your hair look effortlessly glamorous, giving you the perfect start to upcoming wedding events. Here’s how to make your tresses talk:

  • Start with clean, wet hair and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Pre-dry on medium speed and low heat.
  • Section your hair and attach any styling concentrator, which is engineered for focused styling. Select medium speed and medium heat.
  • Lift and dry roots with a large round brush and follow the brush with a styling concentrator. Repeat on all sections.
  • To achieve a super smooth finish, use a hair gel along with a spoolie brush.
  • Repeat all sections. Part your hair according to your preference and glam up the look by adding a rhinestone studded pin to one side.

Soft Updo

An easily attainable and romantic hairdo for the upcoming sangeet night or mehendi ceremony.
Turn your soft curls into a statement pinned-up appeal, without falling into a traditional bun. Add in a crystal flower pin to elevate the look. To achieve this hairdo:


  • Start by using your Hair dryer and blow dry the hair until 80% dry. Once dried, section your hair into half, creating a centre part.  
  • Starting with one half, create outward-facing curls by manually winding a small section of hair around a round brush, while using the dryer on a high heat and high airflow setting.  
  • Heat each section of hair for 5 seconds (or until dry) and set the curl with by pinning up. Leave it till it dries and remove the pin. Repeat the process and complete the first half of the hair.  
  • Complete the second half of the hair by following steps 3 & 4.  
  • With an elastic band, tie the hair into a low-side ponytail.
  • Split the ponytail in half, twist one half to the elastic band and secure it with pins.
  • Repeat the same for the other half.
  • For a more natural look, loosen strands of hair at the top part and release strands of fringe at the side.
  • You may also add some flowers to go with your traditional attire.