Nasi Goreng to Butter Garlic Prawns: Get a Dash of This Dash of That in Kolkata

Sector 1’s Dash of This Dash of That is a foodie’s delight, offering up the most scrumptious and well-curated numbers, that too on a budget  

author_img   |   Published :   |  11th October 2019 08:12 PM

A plate of Nasi Goreng at Dash of This Dash of That

Finding a pocket-friendly resto-bar at City Centre is a challenge no more. Dash of This Dash of That, the beloved diner is up and running after a short hiatus and it's only gotten better. The joint is more than a decade old has always enjoyed a steady customer base - we had dropped in on a random weekday afternoon only to find the place quite full, only days after its re-opening.

"Yes, our old customers are very happy we're back, you can see some of our regulars here today. We have always been known for our consistency. I think that stems from the attention to every detail and also the quality of the food. In fact, you may be surprised to know that we don't have a supplier; I myself go out to shop for the raw ingredients and groceries for the restaurant every morning, it's quite like shopping for your own home,"  Arani Guha, the manager for the joint, informs us. 

Thai Grilled Chicken Drum sticks at Dash of This Dash of That

The restaurant has come up with a menu that's fresh but not too experimental; you still find some Asian classics like Nasi Goreng, Bangkok Chicken or the Crispy Fish and you also see some numbers which you don't find a lot, like the wonderful Prawn in Butter Garlic Sauce or a Chicken Rendang . We started off with a plate of Thai Grilled Drum Stick, a beloved Asian street food, featuring juicy barbecued chicken drumsticks; not only were they quite sizeable but had been smoked just right, to leave a subtle afterburn.

A fantastic Mustard Fish at Dash of This Dash of That

Another fantastic starter would be their kebabs, especially the Malai Chicken Tikka. We had to try some Nasi Goreng like we always do whenever we find it on a menu; Dash's version is a flavourful stir-fried rice prepped with freshly diced veggies and eggs. We also tried some regular Cantonese Noodles, which is often the yardstick for a fine diner; Dash’s noodles was wholesome, uncomplicated and quite filling. 

A plate of Tandoori Chicken at Dash of This Dash of That

We also wanted to try something a little more adventurous, so we settled on some Thai-style Green Curry and Rice; it was a traditional and mild faire, with a palate that stuck to the notes of coconut, to make it aromatic. The Mustard Fish was a total winner, and perhaps the best dish on our table, featuring tender cubic fillets marinated in mustard and served with some house spices.

“Our menu is quite flexible, actually. We are always updating it and mixing it up, as we try to listen to our customers. We have a special’s board outside, and the specials change every week. People often come in and make requests; I remember one time a table of our regulars wanted some fried anchovy fish, which is a marine water fish, (popularly known as mourola). We didn’t have it on our menu. We actually got some and I fried it for them! If you ask me about signatures, I’d say you must try the Butter Garlic Prawn here, as well as the Roasted Pork in a Thai Glaze Sauce,” the chef Avik Mitra tells us. Price for Two: Rs 1,200