One Sports Lounge at Sector V is the place to let your hair down

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  14th February 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  14th February 2020 12:00 AM

Fish and Chips at One Sports Lounge

THE VIBE AT One Sports Lounge a t Sector V instantly lofts your mood to a joyful zone. Familiar club music, cosy corners, dedicated sections and known flavours with a dash of novelty, make this 5,500 sq ft lounge a favourite among the corporate crowd who want to let their hair down after a stressful day.

Having said that, the vibrant lounge is also popular among non-corporates, and we noticed a lot of youngsters on our late afternoon trip to the sector that wears a deserted look on weekends. Musical gigs with reputed national DJs and offers galore are a draw and we are informed that apart from Happy Hours on Mondays, which runs for the entire day, their Bro Code on Wednesdays witnesses a surge in male patrons.

The beehive-styled facade of the bar, lit with neon lights makes some of the potent drinks. And we sampled their signature Heartbreak from the menu. Not sure why the name but the tequila-based drink has an out-of-thebox ingredient as its central component. Three varieties of bell peppers, diced into tiny cubes, mixed with lemon and mint to make a powerful concoction. The fresh smell of the peppers is quite overpowering, lending the classic combination of lemon and tequila an extra punch. You won’t be disappointed with the portion of the food here and the fast service also counts.

From their continental bestseller, we took a bite of Fish and Chips served with piquant mustard mayo. We loved the chillibased seasoning which added a new life to the boring fries. We couldn’t help but munch on it while our Haryali Chicken Tikka arrived to be devoured. The chef added a frothy twist to the well-por tioned kebabs with a generous coating of beaten eggs. Explaining the process the chef informs that the half-cooked kebabs are put in the tandoor after smearing the egg mix on it. The result is a fluffy coating giving way to tender pieces of sumptuous kebab. Their Let Mi Kai Chicken served with fresh house salad, was next to tease our taste buds with strong notes of garlic and chillis. You can have it as an appetizer or club it with noodles or fried rice and turn it into an ideal Chinese meal.

Meal for two: `1,500+