Two hassle-free single malt cocktails to refresh your evenings

author_img F Khatoon Published :  21st July 2020 04:39 PM   |   Published :   |  21st July 2020 04:39 PM

New York Sour

Missing your favourite cocktails at your tipple den? Don’t worry we have you sorted. Till your go-to bar open their door, you can make your own poison at home and drive away from the lockdown blues. Angad Singh Gandhi, Glenfiddich India Brand Ambassador, shares two single malt cocktails for you to unwind after a hard days’ of work. Try them today.

Midsummer Highball


60 ml Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

30 ml of your favourite tea, cooled**

Soda water (or Gingerale if you like the sweetness)

Orange Slice

Mint Leaves


Add the whisky and tea to a Collins glass with 3 big blocks of ice and stir.

Top with the soda water.

Garnish with Orange Slice and Mint leaves

** Try using the Hibiscus/Mint Tea or Oolong Tea for a refreshing zesty taste.

New York Sour


50 ml Glenfiddich 12-Year-Old

22 ml Lemon juice

15 ml Simple syrup / Honey water/ Maple Syrup

1 Egg white (optional)

10 ml Red wine infused with Hibiscus leaves**


Add all ingredients except the wine into a shaker with ice and shake

Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice

Slowly pour the wine over the back of a bar spoon so that it floats on top of the drink

**Infuse hibiscus flavours in your red wine by leaving a few hibiscus leaves in your red wine in a closed container or the wine bottle itself.