Home bartending this weekend? ITC Grand Chola has launched a series of refreshers called Nice on Ice 

Drink as they are or try them out as pre-mixes for your next virtual party!

author_img Sonali S Published :  25th July 2020 04:21 PM   |   Published :   |  25th July 2020 04:21 PM

If you've been getting into home bartending given the pandemic situation - you are going to love this. ITC Grand Chola has launched a series of refreshers called 'Nice on Ice.' These flavours work as they are or for a fun twist, try them out as pre-mixes for your next virtual party.



With over 16 options to choose from - expect categories such as slushes, juice-based and coffee-based beverages. Priced at an attractive INR 199 all-inclusive per serving, the sale of these beverages has been steadily rising and we're told seem to be very popular on the weekend!



Highlights off the menu

1. Ginger Bailey +Jameson = Ginger James
2. Jasmine Blush + Vodka = Sunday Sunshine
3.  Pop Spice + Pepper Vodka = Easy Sippin'
4. Dalgona Dive + Kahlua = Dalgona Deep Dive
5. Mango Rhyme + Vodka = Tropical Reggae
6. Guava Rush + Tequila = That Guava Tree

Available for takeaway or delivery. Order online.

Photo credit: Kobby Mendez on Unsplash