Polo Floatel’s cloud kitchen Room Service offers cosmopolitan, bistro-style dining at home  

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Left: Poached plums with ice cream; right: In-house cocktail pre-mixers by Polo Floatel

All-day menus are as high stakes as it gets, and Polo Floatel's curation delivers on all fronts. The company has planned a sleek redesign of Asia's first floating hotel in the coming months, but for now, it has made the bistro menu available in a cloud kitchen format, via Room Service by Polo Floatel.

Vilaity Subzi

“The menu is anchored by three main factors; the comfort element which rounds up the flavours that you love, which is so crucial when it comes to deliveries. Secondly, the old Calcutta classic picks which are a big draw. We've assembled some options from famous Park Street joints that are widely loved, and the third pillar would be our offerings from the North-east heritage since Polo Towers Group has had a presence in the North East for 30 years, we’ve included items like the smoked dry pork from Meghalaya, the Naga chilli cheese toast etc,” shares Deval Tibrewalla, CEO and Director of Polo Towers Group.

Naga chilli cheese toast

A good way to go about sampling any expansive line-up is to pick favourites, and that’s what we did. Polo Floatel’s menu has a sharp season-led approach which makes it so adaptable. The apple, celery and rocket salad is a great palate opener, especially for summers - it’s a clever take on the Waldorf salad with a pared down dressing of toasted almond flakes, lettuce and the chef’s own spiced vinaigrette. Our mezze platter had everything in order from a smoky baba ganoush to tzatziki, lavash, falafel fritters and the works; the olives, gherkins and crackers were packaged separately with the drier appetisers, which also made everything easier to assort. 

A big highlight from the table would be the chicken and fennel risotto - a traditional slow-cooked recipe with a diligently achieved balance between the herbs, cheese and the greens. It was airy, luxurious and gets top billing as a late summer evening entree. We’d be remiss not to mention the Indian menu because it assembles a few very interesting recipes. There’s of course, a well-seasoned Kolkata biryani, but the slow-simmered shorshe bekti could be a hit with the fisheterians; the mustard oil and green chilli paste work wonders for the delicious gravy. We didn’t expect to find poached plums for dessert in a summer menu, but pairing it with a dollop of fresh vanilla ice cream is a great way to end a course-based meal, especially for carb-anxious foodies.

A dessert platter

Hot Tip: Polo Floatel’s Asian menu has some quirky tapas picks like Phuket-style, flash-fried crispy chilli baby corn topped with scallions and Japanese gyoza. Our recommendation: The delicious ramen noodle bowl with vegetable plum sauce and refreshing cucumber relish. 

Price for two: Rs 1,600

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