Chefs at ITC Royal Bengal and Sonar sculpt a gourmet Durga with 35 kg chocolate

The 3.5 ft Durga is made with gourmet chocolate and reimagines the Gods and Goddess in different avatar 

author_img F Khatoon Published :  12th October 2021 04:49 PM   |   Published :   |  12th October 2021 04:49 PM
Chefs at ITC Royal Bengal and Sonar sculpted a gourmet Durga

Chocolate Durga at ITC Sonar and Royal Bengal in Kolkata

Showcasing their mastery in culinary art, the master chefs at ITC Royal Bengal and Sonar have crafted a grand structure of the Durga idol with gourmet chocolate. Utilising 35 kgs of chocolate the structure with an ombre finish took 40 days or 353 man-hours to build with 10 chefs reimagining the gods and goddesses and the fight of good over evil as the fight against coronavirus. Complete with pandal base, figurines and floral decoration, it is also a tribute to all those who helped make the situation better with knowledge, strength and resilience.   

The 3.5 ft edible chocolate sculpture depicts the homecoming of Durga who is seen as the supreme power with vaccine as her weapon, ready to win over the coronavirus. Besides Durga, we can see Lord Ganesha as a scientist representing wisdom; Lakshmi symbolising economic progress through new opportunities; Saraswati symbolising the forgotten hobbies that people rediscovered during the pandemic; Mahishasur as the virus and Lord Shiva as the ultimate power who is overseeing all of Durga's actions and providing guidance. Further, the feisty lion here represents the brave front line workers while the Indian defence forces are represented by Lord Kartikeya.

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The structure is an added attraction at the star hotel in the city that welcomes the revellers with open arms.