Creamy kolams on cupcakes

“My boyfriend Gerardo is Mexican and I learned to prepare a few Mexican dishes and desserts including the popular tres leches cake and churros from him

author_img Roshne Balasubramanian Published :  13th October 2021 01:32 PM   |   Published :   |  13th October 2021 01:32 PM
Creamy kolams on cupcakes

Creamy kolams on cupcakes

The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.’ City-based home baker Muhilann Murugan will perhaps agree with these wise words offered by The Dalai Lama. It was only recently when the idea to start a foodbased venture shaped into a sweet reality, for Muhilann. Love, in various forms, he says, was the reason he created Mugils Delight.

“My boyfriend Gerardo is Mexican and I learned to prepare a few Mexican dishes and desserts including the popular tres leches cake and churros from him. Until then, I used to cook everything south Indian. However, I also used to do some experimental baking with millets and had some experience with muffins. But it was when I learned these Mexican dishes from him that my interest in a different cuisine spiked. I was excited about exploring new flavours,” recalls Muhilann, who has been cooking for over a decade now.

Soon, the duo began investing in cooking and baking supplies. “During my experimental phase, I serendipitously received a call from a friend and I had an order for 30-40 birthday cupcakes! Though I worked on a tight deadline, I pulled it off and the alcoholinfused cupcakes were a superhit!” he enthuses. On that high, supplemented by positive feedback, Muhilann decided to turn his skills into a profitable business.

“Since the time we launched in September, the reception has been very good and I receive orders in healthy intervals. This gives me time to take care of the business, my house and also focus on my education. Besides Gerardo’s love and support, my passion for cooking, a group in Clubhouse that discusses queer livelihood, Malini — a London-based baker I met in the group, and people I met in a support group have also been instrumental in me working towards this goal,” he informs.

Recently, the entrepreneur introduced a new line of cupcakes named ‘Kolamana cupcakes’. The line will integrate nine different traditional fivepulli kolam designs with its lip-smacking cupcake offerings. “Navaratri is a very special time for me. Last year during this time, my mother, after a series of events indicated her approval of my relationship with Gerardo. That was a big step. The cupcakes were a way of celebrating this,” he narrates.

Besides, Gerardo and Muhilann share a common love for kolams. “I have been interested in them since childhood and always observed amma create them. It also reminds me of the parallel Manohar Devadoss uncle drew between kolams and life. ‘Puli onnu dhan, aana podra kolam vere vere’. I was impressed by those words. Drawing kolams during Navaratri are also considered auspicious. I picked nine designs and decided to pipe them on cupcakes,” he shares.

While the offering has been introduced to ring in the festivities — both personal and social, it will be a permanent feature of Mugil’s Delight’s menu. “As an introductory offer, a set of six cupcakes (eggless) are priced at Rs 400. For a set of 12 cupcakes, people will be paying for only 10 cupcakes. The orders have to be placed 24 hours in advance,” he informs.

Currently offering roasted almond, chocolate and classic vanilla as bases; Italian buttercream, fondant and Italian meringue for the frosting, Muhilann plans to introduce new flavours including carrot and lemon. “Authentic Mexican desserts and savoury will soon be finding a place in our menu too,” he shares.,” he shares.

Customisations can be requested. To order a set of Kolamana Cupcakes, visit Instagram page @mugils_delight  or call: 08220835682