Drizzly dessert to savour

Deepa Vinod’s homemade chocolate brand is satisfying the sweet tooth of Kochiites since 2017

author_img Express News Service Published :  28th October 2021 12:26 PM   |   Published :   |  28th October 2021 12:26 PM


KOCHI: Kochi-based chocolatier Deepa Vinod believes that there is a chocolate for every event. Through her homegrown brand ‘Drizzle chocolates’, she has been creating lip-smacking homemade chocolates in a wide variety of flavours and shapes since 2017 and is a prominent name at all major events.

“I’ve always enjoyed having chocolates but never tried making them before starting the venture. When I got to taste several authentic chocolates abroad, I began exploring the umpteen options and flavours and that is how Drizzle came into form,” says Deepa.

Generally, homemade chocolates are often wrapped and kept in shops. Deepa has always gone against the conventional method of wrapping them in foils. The handcrafted drizzle chocolates are packed in cavity boxes instead. “Homemade chocolates can stay fresh for maximum two weeks.

After that its texture will change, and certain elements will also form on its body, when wrapped, the customers won’t be seeing any of the differences developed, and at the end of the day it is the kids who have chocolate the most, so why don’t we do something that aids the next generation,” adds Deepa. Apart from assuring quality, the connoisseur refuses to keep the goodness wrapped also to flaunt the designs and make them visually appealing.

By doing the entire production by herself, Deepa has managed to have over 20 flavours. The plain dark, white, and milk chocolates are fused with punchy flavours including orange, blueberry, and some are sweetened with caramel and honey, making them melt away in your mouth. To top it all her fillings of roasted nuts, jelly, praline, marshmallow, honeydew, and crunchy wafer biscuits, are some of the treats that come in various shapes. No emulsifiers are added, instead the homemade goodness are blended well with organic ingredients. Flavours can also be switched according to the customer’s preference. “The infusion of orange flavour in dark chocolate was one of our customer’s preferences which got added to Drizzle’s list of flavours,” she adds.

The venture’s spicey chocolates have also many takers. Deepa infused five of Kerala’s spices in dark, milk, and white chocolate as well. Chilly, white pepper, cardamom in white chocolate, cinnamon in milk, and clove can be found in dark. “Spicey chocolates are demanded the most for events. The fresh spices will be washed, dried and powdered, then it’ll be filtered properly so that there is nothing to bite on and only the flavour is retained,” says Deepa.

Deepa does bar as well as differently shaped assorted chocolates. Considering the event chocolates will be customised as well.

Price: Starts from Rs 150, Instagram:@drizzlechocolates