Anniversary special: Traffic Gastropub rolls out a delectable menu as they turn four 

Traffic Gastropub turns four and celebrates their anniversary with an eclectic menu

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  17th September 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  17th September 2021 12:00 AM
Parked Pizza or Matka Pizza

Parked Pizza or_Matka Pizza at Graffic Gastropub

Turning a year older after facing multiple challenges including the hard-hitting pandemic, calls for a special celebration indeed. So, Traffic Gastropub’s chef Sourav Ghosh curated a befitting compact menu that plays around fusion food topped with nostalgia. Reading the pulse of the young patrons who throng this City Centre 2’s most happening food joint, the chef rolled out fare that has pub-style bites presented in interesting ways. “Lockdowns have been bad for the entire F&B sector and during these hard times, our customers have been our steady support system. So, on the occasion of our anniversary, we wanted to thank them with a menu which gives interesting twists to classic dishes,” owners Swastik Nag and Siddhartha Gupta share with us.

Le Khoka- Harissa grilled golda chingri
Le Khoka- Harissa grilled golda chingri

A deconstructed pizza was the first to arrive at the table served in a curvy clay pot, usually used to serve tea or lassi. Called Parked Pizza, the base of this Italian dish had a delectable cheesy layer and we loved the out-of-the-box presentation. Dead Killer, another Italian entremet was essentially a Spaghetti Bolognese where minced meat was replaced by seafood including shrimps and fish and the fusion was brilliant. Some classic Indian dishes have also been played around with. Our beloved Egg Devil, for instance, has been given a tandoor twist, taking away the guilt of having oil-ridden fried food. We loved the smooth texture of the meat coating the hardboiled eggs.

Nutrition Depot - tandoori egg devil
Nutrition Depot - tandoori egg devil

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The menu also boasts of seafood and among the many dishes, look out for lobster and pomfret preparations. The penultimate dish of the day was Muffins Malai, which melded an English muffin with a decadent rabri, with the creamy and rich rabri perfectly balancing the sweetness of the cake. Absolutely delicious! Meal for two: `800+