Here are six biryani hotspots to satiate your cravings

India ordered 115 biryanis per minute or 2 (1.91) biryanis per second. According to the same data, chicken and mutton biryani always topped Kolkata’s list.

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  29th April 2022 12:27 PM   |   Published :   |  29th April 2022 12:27 PM

Aminia Handi biryani

If there’s one dish that’s always ruling all moods and occasions — it’s got to be biryani. In fact, according to statistics collected by StatEATstics in 2021, India ordered 115 biryanis per minute or 2 (1.91) biryanis per second. According to the same data, chicken and mutton biryani always topped Kolkata’s list. With Eid on the anvil, this biryani binge will peak as always. To make your job easy, here’s our list of half a dozen biryani hotspots that are the best places to catch a delicious biryani iftar treat.


In a short span of time this brand has made an indelible mark on gastronomes’ tastebuds and the Park Circus 7 point crossing has, in fact, become synonymous with Arsalan. Our pick is their hot seller — Kolkata Chicken Biryani. Fine rice and succulent meat served with a soft saffron hued potato — a plate
of this biryani can light up any day.

Rs 800+ for two

Royal India Hotel

Royal India Hotel started its journey with Biryani and Mutton Chaap during the pre-independence era in 1905. After more than a century, it still rules the Mughlai food scene with an eclectic menu featuring an array of biryanis and sides besides their signature dessert, Shaahi Tukda. Their Mutton Biryani with Kofti had to be in our must-have list. Prepared in the Lucknowi-style with subtle fragrances, this lightly spiced dish, without the ubiquitous potato, is a meat lover’s delight. Elevate the experience with their iconic mutton stew if you are lucky to get your hands on a serving.

Rs 600+ for two.

Oudh 1590

This city Mughlai diner has a great line-up of biryani and kebabs in its menu including heavyweights like Raan Biryani, Murgh Pardah Biryani and Murgh Kofta Biryani among others. However, our hot pick from the Awadhi fine diner is Gosht Moti Biryani. The soft minced mutton balls, slow cooked in rice and served in an earthen pot, are an ultimate indulgence. Relish it with Murgh Bhuna or Murgh Irani if you are looking for a delicious side to complement it.

Rs 1,200+ for two.


This heritage brand with a rich legacy has managed to skilfully stay true to its roots and yet reinvent itself to match the discerning palate of the millennial. Last year, they added a Handi Biryani to their repertoire and that’s what our hot pick is from Aminia. The experience of witnessing the unveiling of a biryani right on the table just adds further to the regal experience.

Rs 800+ for two.


This Mumbai-based biryani brand has given the city’s discerning foodies more reasons to rejoice with its smart menu consisting of both veg and non-veg biryani options. And though we have a list of must-haves, the Raan Biryani tops our list. It has a lamb shank slow-cooked to perfection and layered with the finest grains of rice, saffron and other fragrant spices; and topped with caramelised onions and dry fruits. This wholesome dish can be paired with a Mutton Karachi or a Mutton Nalli Rara Masala.

Rs 2,450+ for two.

Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Since 1941, Shiraz has been ruling hearts in the city. Their Rezala, Qorma and Chaap along with their
other signature dishes still command the same respect among city gourmands. Though we are a loyal fan of their Tandoori Chicken, their Mutton Biryani is also a must-have. The heavenly combination of tender and juicy meat and the fragrant rice is always a winner.

Rs 800+ for two.

Biryani by Kilo

Biryani by Kilo has two outlets in the city and best known for their dum cooked biryans. The Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani in one of their bestselling dishes because of its fresh aroma and lightness. Served with tender pireces of fresh chicken and naturally aged long grain Basmati rice, the speciality is flavoured with Kerala masalas with a kick of spice. This dish is accompanied with a serving of Salan and salad. Make your Eid more special with their exclusive range of Kebabs, Kormas and Matka Firnis.

Rs 900+ for two.