Stories on each plate

Thirty-year-old Mohammed Muhusin travel all over the state to find local delicacies and unknown stories about each traditional recipe

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Mohammed Muhusin

Mohammed Muhusin

Do you know where to find the tastiest beef dishes at affordable rates in Thiruvananthapuram? Or do you know where you can find a scrumptious vegetarian breakfast in Kochi? Young vlogger Mohammed Muhusin has been on the journey with his vlog Crumbs On My Beard to answer such questions.  The life of Thiruvananthapuram-native Muhusin changed during the pandemic.

Due to his all-encompassing love for food, the 30-year-old ended up being a food vlogger, when he had to close his textile business due to Covid restrictions. That was when he started to vlog his mother’s recipes for fun. His local Thiruvananthapuram slang made him popular on social media. 

“When the lockdown restrictions were eased, I began to explore nearby food outlets. I named my vlog during that time. When I was having pizza with my friend, the crumbs got stuck on my beard. It was funny, and that became my vlog name. And now my nickname is Crumbs,” says Muhusin, who is popular for posting unknown local food spots anywhere in Kerala, especially his locality. 

His popular videos titled, Where To Eat in Kochi/ Trivandrum/ Kozhikode are a relief for those who wish to explore the affordable and tasty menus across the state. The youngster is a fan of ‘nadan’ aka native dishes and his quest to explore such native food spots is never-ending. 

“My hometown has many local food spaces which serve tasty, traditional and affordable dishes. These are prepared using 50 to 60 years old recipes. Most of these will be prepared by elders in their old age. By featuring these food spots, I am trying to get them recognised. These recipes can never be found in any high-end restaurant. They don’t serve just tasty dishes but traditions and stories of a generation on their plates,” says Muhusin. 

According to him, Kochannan sahib’s shop at Karamana serves the best mutton varieties in the capital and for the best chicken perattu, go to Pappanchani or Lambodharan’s thattukada at Kattakada. To enjoy seafood, Vizhinjam is best, he says.  He proudly describes his shining moment - a story about 85-year-old Sharadamma. At her small makeshift hotel in Haripad, she serves dosa, sambar and special black tea for her customers. “She wakes at 3 am to make dosas for her customers.

Her passion to serve tasty food to as many people as she can even at this old age deserves admiration. That is why I featured her - it was a story worth telling,” he says. Adding on, he points out another local food spot at Kadavanthra in Kochi. “If you are on the lookout for a vegetarian breakfast, Gokul Oottupura is a good choice. Pay just Rs 75, and you will get to eat a total of 10 idlis dipped in a bowl of sambar served with white chutney,” he adds. 

Signing off about his food expeditions, Muhusin shares a suggestion, “Avoid wasting food. Vlogging is not just posting anything to receive likes and shares, but it is telling stories of struggles, tradition and goodness of each food we are featuring”.