Burgers and beyond!

Beyond Burg Inc, the hot new burger joint in the city, is definitely worth the hype

author_img Aishwarya Prabhakaran Published :  24th March 2022 03:57 PM   |   Published :   |  24th March 2022 03:57 PM
Beyond Burg Inc

Beyond Burg Inc

As I entered south India’s biggest burger joint — as claimed by its co-founders — the first thing I spotted was a big tree growing inside. The elegant interiors, painted with pastel colours and embellished by lush plants gives a very earthy vibe. As I sat near the counter waiting for chef Anas, one of the co-founders and the man behind the flavours of Beyond Burg Inc, I could smell freshly-ground coffee beans

Beyond Burg Inc has become a recent favourite among foodies in Kochi for its distinct flavours and overall mood. Anas has designed a crisp and healthy menu for his customers. “Though burgers are usually categorised as fast food, I have designed the menu to make it as healthy as possible. For example, our keto hamburger comes with double beef patties (200-gram beef), pickles, and tomatoes wrapped in lettuce,” says Anas.

The see-through kitchen on their first floor adjacent to the dining area lets you watch your food being prepared while you wait for it.

First, I tried their famous smash beef burger. The juicy, fresh, tender meat melts in your mouth almost immediately. The brioche bun baked in-house is extra soft and spongy. The burger isn’t too heavy, with no overload of sauces or cheese that leaves you feeling guilty and bloated. Even if you are watching your calories, the smash beef burger is a healthy meal, with the right amount of cheese, meat, fresh veggies and pickles. The in-house special sauce makes it a celebration for your palate too! Cooking is a passion for Anas, who is an aviation graduate. He learned his basics from the experienced chef at his cousin’s restaurant. He went on to work at various kitchens across the country before finally starting his joint. However, when he opened his first Beyond Burg Inc outlet in Bengaluru in 2017, it was more than just burgers. But Anas had to shut it down during the pandemic. “But later, my friends and I realised that there is a huge demand for a healthy and quality burger joint in the state. So, when we reopened, the first outlet of Beyond Burg Inc was set up in Calicut last year,” says Anas.

He adds that making a good burger is not just about the buns, meat, or sauces. “Cheese or no cheese? Do tomato and lettuce go on top of the meat or at the bottom? What can you add to a burger — Ketchup, mustard, pickles, or onions?. Some of these are a matter of personal taste. “We trust our process and make sure that we put our heart and soul into each ounce of meat grilled here and every piece of bun baked here,” says Anas. 

Beyond Burg Inc doesn’t use frozen meat, we pick them up fresh each day. “We go to the market every morning to buy the meat. Vegetables are purchased directly from farmers. The sauce and seasoning used are our exclusive recipes prepared in our kitchen,” he says.

The chicken strips seasoned with in-house spice mix, a peanut butter cookie shake and a piece of breathtaking cheesecakes were my accompaniments. The caramel on the cheesecake, the crispiness of the chicken strips — Beyond Burg Inc is all about the little joys of eating. Beyond Burg Inc also has a green thumb. Their packaging is 94 per cent plastic-free.

According to Ajmal, one of the co-founders said even though they are getting enquiries from around the country, they are not into the franchise business. “All our stores are owned and operated by our core management. Building a brand takes a good amount of time and a lot of hard work. That’s where we are focusing,” says Ajmal.

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