With Jack Daniel’s Dal Makhni and Bailey’s Murgh Malai, Lord Of The Drinks caters to the tastes of the bravehearted

With its fantasy medieval theme the new pub establishes itself as Whitefield’s new must-visit night out destination

Anagha M Published :  16th August 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th August 2019 12:00 AM

Lord Of The Drinks

When we first heard of Lord Of The Drinks, it was because of its 200-feet bar, the longest in Asia, at its Mumbai outlet. It also created waves down south when it opened in Chennai earlier this year. Finally, the popular chain of pubs, known for its medieval-themed vibe, (think Game of Thrones and Hobbits), comes to Bengaluru at a swanky new space in Whitefield. We took a trip down to the area to see if it lives up to the hype.The first thing we spotted as we entered was a replica of the ‘Iron Throne’ from GOT at the entrance. The rest of the venue was done up with gold and royal purple accents. We settled down at a table on the first floor, overlooking the busy Whitefield Main Road, and perused the bar menu. 

Sip of the tongue
The Basil and Cucumber Spritz, a gin-based light drink, was just the thing we needed after our long drive. We also recommend the Spicy Love cocktail, with sliced peppers adding heat to the drink. What really impressed us was the wooden straw the drinks are served with — full marks for being eco-conscious! 

The extensive food menu has everything from a Bruschetta Bar to sushi and local eats. The dishes that stood out for us were the Spicy Chicken Katsu Sushi, Banjara Chicken Tikka, Bailey’s Murgh Malai and the Mandya Mutton Chukka. The shichimi dusted crumb-fried chicken worked really well with the rice and the Tonkatsu sauce in the sushi. The Murgh Malai had a rich marination of spices and Baileys, which was aromatic and creamy. The mutton, one of our favourites, was a piquant dish with red chillies, black pepper and curry leaves. 

Light my fire
A must-try main course section is the Boozy Zone, especially if you’re a fan of a little drama. We opted for the Jack Daniel’s Dal Makhni. A bowl of dal was brought to the table and flambeed with a shot of whiskey. The touch of whiskey in the otherwise buttery dish, served with the mini chilli naan, saw us wiping the plate clean. You can also try the Vodka Prawn Biryani that has Absolut-infused prawn, or the Whiskey Garlic Prawns, infused with Red Label. We opted for a Rose and Pistachio Tres Leches cake to end our meal. The flavours in the desert were impressive, but the dry texture of the cake made it a let down. You can also choose from The Boozy Cakesicle or the Slutty Snickers Chocolate Dome for a more elaborate dessert.

With its fantasy medieval theme, innovative menu and signature cocktails, Lord Of The Drinks establishes itself as Whitefield’s new must-visit night out destination.

Rs. 2,000 for two. At Whitefield
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