From Avocado Carpaccio to Okinawa Taco Rice, The Japanese Terrace offers traditional, fusion and modern Japanese fare

Koramangala finally gets a fine dining Japanese restaurant. Here's our review 

Anagha M Published :  21st June 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 12:00 AM
Avocado Carpaccio to Okinawa Taco Rice

Yasai Roll

If there was something missing from Koramangala’s thriving dining scene, it was a fine dining Japanese restaurant. But The Japanese Terrace is here to bridge that gap. Newly opened, this restaurant serves a mix of authentic Japanese, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine (Nikkei), and some contemporary creations. Our visit to the restaurant, on a Monday night, proved that it was certainly a must-visit for epicures.

An extension of the XOOX Brewmill, the restaurant is a cosy, open-air 50-seater affair. The three-page menu is a concise and clear homage to the cuisine. The first thing on the table was Edamame, a bowl each of the steamed and spicy versions. These made for the perfect snack for our craft beer and the signature gin-based cocktail we had from the XOOX bar.

We started our dinner with some classic Nigiri. Served in a three-storey tower, we tried options such as the Sake (Norwegian salmon topped with salmon roe), Shime Saba (Japanese-cured mackerel with spring onion relish) and the Hamachi (Yellow tail topped with black tobiko or flying fish roe). While they were all well made, if not completely authentic, the mackerel is certainly an acquired taste. 

They also have a sizable vegetarian section. We recommend the Inari, a pocket of sweet Japanese tofu stuffed with rice, chopped ginger and chives. Also try the Takuan, a small chef-hat shaped bag made of pickled radish, stuffed with rice and tomato, onion salsa. Between our courses, we were served the Avocado Carpaccio. It may sound simple, but the thin strips of avocado are dressed in a ponzu soy sauce and dried kelp. The fresh citrusy, flavours and the creamy avocado were a great combination. 
After that, we tried the Okinawa Taco Rice. A mix of South American and Japanese flavours, this dish has ground beef with taco seasoning served atop rice with yuzu sour cream. While the crumbly dish is not structurally sound, the flavours had us going back for more. 

Another must have on the menu is the Deconstructed Sushi — spicy shiitake or salmon, cheese sesame salsa, tempura crackers and wasabi air, all on a bed of Teriyaki rice. For dessert, the menu is currently limited to just one option — Tofu Cheesecake — but it did not disappoint. It had just the right tang and 
a touch of sweetness, just as a cheesecake should be. The Japanese Terrace impressed us with its well-made clean flavours, traditional notes and the experimental numbers. 

Rs. 2,000 for two. At Koramangala