From popcorn to Mysore Pak, bar chefs are deconstructing snacks and desserts to create innovativecocktails

Think toast soaked in rum, bacon fat-washed whiskey, popcorn-infused vodka and more. Here are our picks:
Mysore Pak at the Smoke Co.
Mysore Pak at the Smoke Co.

Bars around the city are taking inspiration from breakfast, desserts and everything in between to
create cocktail menus that will have you doing a double take. Think toast soaked in rum, bacon fat-washed whiskey, popcorn-infused vodka and more. Here are our picks:

Mysore Pak
The Smoke Co. does a Mysore Pak cocktail inspired with flavours of this much-loved sweet. It comprises rich flavours of whisky infused with toasted besan and ghee, or geat syrup (a syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water), bitters and cardamom mist. Rs. 400 ++. At Koramangala

Served in a traditional ceramic pickle jar, this cocktail from Social is a spicy twist on the popular Caipiroska. While the original South American number has vodka, sugar, mint and lime, Social adds Indian lime pickle to the mix for a tangy kick. Rs. 320 ++. At all outlet

The TBT (Throwback Thursday) at Sotally Tober is a trip down memory lane. A mix of brandy, butter and jam, the cocktail is inspired by the all-too- familiar bread, butter and jam sandwiches typically found in school lunch boxes. Rs. 345 ++. At Residency Road and Koramangala

Pan Intended
The Reservoire brings together all the flavours of pan in this hilariously named drink. The vodka-based
drink is made with sambuca (for an anise flavour), betel leaves, cardamom and gulkand (a sweet preserve of rose petals). Rs. 390 ++. At Koramangala

Rum Toast
The Asian restaurant, Kaze, serves this creamy cocktail that has coffee-soaked bread toast, honey and hazelnut, along with a shot of dark rum for the kick. Served with two pieces of wafers, this is a sinful
concoction. Rs. 600++. At Lavelle Road

Breakfast Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned Bar has an array of signature Old Fashioned cocktails. The Breakfast version boasts bacon fat-washed whiskey and angostura soaked sugar, and is served with a bacon crisp. Rs. 345 ++. At Koramangala

Apple Pie
This concoction at Arena - Artisanal Brewkitchen is a deconstructed version of the traditional dessert. Made with homemade cinnamon sugar, fresh lime, vodka, muddled apple and burnt cinnamon, the drink is garnished with dehydrated apple slices. Rs. 400 ++. At Indira Nagar

This heady beverage at Foxtrot is a homage to popcorn. Made with popcorn syrup (with buttery and
nutty notes), Assam tea, citrus juice and vodka, it’s a refreshing number. It is also served with a small cone of fresh popcorn on the side of the glass. Rs. 450 ++. At Marathahalli and Koramangala @anaghzzz

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