The new menu at Monkey Bar hits the spot with its 41 dishes inspired by regional cuisines

Try options like Curry Leaves Pepper Chicken, Achaari beef and Tibetan Thukpa Veg 

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  08th November 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th November 2019 12:00 AM

Samosa Chaat

It created a buzz seven years ago when it opened its green doors in Bengaluru and Monkey Bar has been a favourite with its patrons since then. Now with its new menu featuring 41 brand new dishes, the buzz is only getting louder.

Inspired by regional dishes, the gastropub’s new menu strikes a balance between experimental and traditional culinary techniques. From Delhi’s kulchas and chaats, Kerala’s fish and beef specialities, and North Eastern spices to Bengali staples, the menu has a bit of everything from across the country, but with a twist.

Country sides
Our tasting begins with one such dish that has elements from Bengali, Gujarati and Mangalorean cuisine, but is inspired by the Mediterranean mezze.

The Indian Odyssey

The Indian Odyssey Platter is for those diners who like ‘chakna’ with their drinks. The platter includes generous amounts of Bengali style Baingan Bhorta that is quite similar to baba ghanoush, Kaddu Hummus, Bonda Vada (instead of falafel), Salted Labneh, Pickled Shalgam and Carrots with Kalimpong Cheese, served with Mangalorean Kori Roti, Fryums and Gujarati Fafda. This innovative take on the regular Mediterranean platter is what impresses. The smooth and rich kaddu (pumpkin) hummus, the wholesome and smokey flavoured bhorta, and the labneh pair well with the local tidbits — the bonda, fafda, kori roti and fryums — all of which are crisp and light. We highly recommend this platter.

Hot off the oven
Another interesting inclusion in the menu is the tandoor section that offers quite an elaborate assortment of dishes. We try the Onion and Cheese Kulcha, a take on the popular Delhi-Amritsari kulcha. Stuffed with caramelised onions and indigenous Kalimpong cheese, this one is for carb-lovers. The sweetness of the onions blends perfectly with the saltiness of the cheese — the medley of flavours is on point. The Achaari Beef is another dish that makes an impact. True to its name, the filet mignon is marinated with a mix of chilli-ginger pickle and is cooked in the tandoor. The tangy flavours are well-pronounced and the added smokiness enhances it further.

Masala Chai Eton Mess

The cocktail menu too has interesting options on offer, however, our favourite is the Peena Colada. Made with homemade rabri, badaam shirin and white rum, the distinct Indianness of this cocktail makes it quite unique. From desserts, we chose to try the Masala Chai Eton Mess. The dish created with chianti cream, berry chilli compote, meringue shards, raspberries and pistachios with masala chai dust cannot be skipped. The sweet and tart undertones of raspberries, the nuttiness of pistachios and the hint of cinnamon from the masala chai dust add dimensions to the different textures of the chianti cream, meringue shards and berries. The dessert promises an explosion of flavours. With such inspired dishes, Monkey Bar’s eclectic new menu has something to offer for different palates and certainly warrants multiple visits.

Rs1,400++ upwards for two. At Indira Nagar