Here are the homestyle pickles and sauces that are taking over kitchen shelves in Bengaluru 

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Not Just Hot

The pandemic has turned many into chefs and bakers and pushed skilled home cooks to try out new things. With all that experimentation, comes the need for fresh homemade spreads, pickles, sauces and relishes. We pick out newly launched homestyle brands that promise to give your pies, cakes, pasta and sandwiches an added zing.

Chutney Marise
Started by the people behind The Hole In The Wall Cafe, Chutney Marise (@chutneymarise on Instagram) offers salad dressings, dips, pasta sauces, and homemade (uncooked) pasta. Choose from options such as Marinara Sauce, Arrabbiata Sauce, Honey Garlic BBQ Sauce, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Green Pesto Butter and Peanut Butter. The pasta available includes Ham and Cream Cheese Ravioli, Whole Wheat Spinach Fettuccine and Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli.
Rs 100 upwards

Not Just Hot
Entrepreneur, Saritha Hegde, has put her years of experience as a travel and food connoisseur into use to create Not Just Hot. Saritha and her team of two whip up artisanal hot wok sauces, spice mixes, sambals, pâtés, chutneys and marinades. Inspired by her travels and Indian roots, the range includes options such as Hot Travelling Chillis, a mix of two hot Southern Indian chillies, slow roasted on a clay pot and hand pounded, Thai Dipping Sauce Prik Nam Pla, a hot sauce flavoured with lemon, sweet chilli and garlic, and chilli oils like Dry Prawn and Sichuan Pepper.
Rs 150 upwards

Gautam Krishnankutty
If you are a gourmand in Bengaluru, you need no introduction to chef Gautam Krishnankutty. The man behind restaurants such as Thulp and The Smoke Co. has been whipping up some sauces and pickles that you can orde through his Instagram page (@gonzogarbanzo). We recommend his deeply flavourful Green Chilli and Garlic Grain Mustard, a Thai-inspired Pineapple Sweet Chilli Sauce, piquant Pepper Beef Pickle, spicy Sambal Oelek and Sichuan Chilli Oil, a must-try.
Rs 275 upwards

Pickle Shickle
Started by sisters Preetika and Prerna Chawla, Mumbai-based Pickle Shickle offers meat and off-beat
vegetable pickles. Handmade in their home kitchen in small batches, the sisters use recipes that have been handed down through three generations. Choose from Get A Shroom (mushroom pickle), Ghosht Busters (mutton pickle), KKK Kamal (lotus stem pickle) and Wake‘n’Bacon (bacon relish).
Rs 50 upwards

Mortars and Pestles
Home chef Deepa Chauhan is known for her detailed customisation of sauces. So if you are someone who would like Thai Curry without bird’s eye chilli because you can’t handle the spice level, then just reach out to Mortars and Pestles (@mortarsandpestles on Instagram) and Deepa will make a special batch for you. Although she offers a wide range of options, her line of Middle Eastern dips and sauces, which includes Rose Petal and Preserved Lemon Harissa, Toum, Shawarma Spice and Tahini is a must-try.
Rs 100 upwards