Juzi, a new fruit subscription in Bengaluru, delivers a daily dose of fresh fruits to its customers

Customers can subscribe to a range of options that include the Hair Care Bowl, the Energizer Bowl and more

author_img Rashmi R Published :  24th August 2020 06:19 PM   |   Published :   |  24th August 2020 06:19 PM

Skin Care Bowl

Not everyone can deal with the hassle of waking up and fixing themself a fresh fruit salad on a daily basis. So for those looking to ensure they get their daily dose of fruits, Juzi a newly launched subscription service is offering home delivery of fresh fruit bowls.

“The idea is simple - fruits are easily the most diverse and healthy food, nature has to offer. However, it’s just not as easy to eat different types of fruits every day. With Juzi, we offer a flexible subscription model that enables people to eat fruits regularly at their home or office and at the time of their convenience; and in a super affordable manner. Our fruit bowls are the fastest, most affordable and convenient way for people to take the first step towards a balanced diet,” says Guruprasad Shenoy, CEO & Co-founder. 

They inform us that at Juzi, the fruits are handpicked and then cleaned, peeled, sliced and packaged by specialised machines. They are served in biodegradable bowls and delivered through a cold chain, which ensures that the fruits are fresh. Customers can choose from The Essentials Bowl, Skincare Bowl, Haircare Bowl, Energiser Bowl, Weightloss Bowl and more. The bowls, which feature fruits like banana, grapes, watermelon, kiwi, raspberries, chikoo, strawberry, plum, guava etc, depending on the season, have been designed after consulting with nutritionists.
Rs.49 upwards. Available online.