Here's what to expect from Hyatt Centric's Durga Puja menu

Tuck into an array of traditional delicacies such as Kosha Mangsho and Elish Er Paturi
The spread at Hyatt Centric
The spread at Hyatt Centric

With Durga Puja beginning tomorrow, most restaurants in the city have pulled out all the stops to present diners with a festive menu of traditional favourites. We headed to Hyatt Centric MG Bangalore last week for an exclusive preview of their special menu, Anando Bhoj, curated by Chef Uttam Dey, who is from Kolkata.

The authentic meal began with an array of starters such as Dimer Chop (better fried egg), Fish Kabiraji (batter fried bhetki) and Posto Diye Begun Bhaja (brinjal fried with poppy seeds), all of which were fried to perfection. 

The elaborate main course comprised Bati Chingri (prawn curry), Elish Er Paturi (hilsa fish cooked in banana leaf), Kancha Lonka Murgir Jhol (chicken curry cooked with green chilli paste), Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry), Posto Diye Lal Saag Bhaja (red spinach fry), Dhokar Dalna (curry made with lentil cakes) and Narkeli Cholar Dal. While the flavours of Bengal stood out in every dish, some of our favourites were the Kosha Mangsho and Bati Chingri, which we paired with the deep fried luchis (puris). We also enjoyed the hilsa dish, which is one of the highlights of every Durga Puja feast.

We finished our meal with a platter of traditional sweets, which ranged from Mishti Doi and Raj Bhog to Kesari Sandesh and Kheer Kadam.

If you’re wondering where to go for an authentic and elaborate Durga Puja meal this festive season, this menu at Hyatt is a great option. 

Rs.1,599++. October 3-5. Available only for dinner. At MG Road.

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