Sky Garden in Whitefield promises fun cocktails and a global menu with a rooftop ambience

With its famously beautiful weather, Bengaluru is perfect for rooftop bars and restaurants

Anagha M Published :  24th June 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th June 2022 12:00 AM
Sky Garden

Sky Garden

With its famously beautiful weather, Bengaluru is perfect for rooftop bars and restaurants. Sky Garden is a newly opened bar in Whitefield that’s just a stone’s throw from Phoenix Marketcity. The lounge boasts  authentic dishes from across the globe and an innovative cocktail menu. We made our way to Whitefield on a sunny Friday afternoon to see what it had to offer. 

The rooftop property is a burst of green in the middle of the concrete jungle of IT parks. Spread across  
two floors, Sky Garden truly lives up to its name with walls covered in vertical creepers and a bright, airy ambience. Parched after our long drive, we dove straight into the cocktail menu. 

Sandalwood connection 
The cocktail that we just couldn’t get enough of was Gandhada Gudi. An ode to the late Puneeth Raj-kumar, the drink is a concoction of vodka, clear apple juice, and a magic ingredient — sandalwood essence. The woody fragrance elevated the drink to another level. We also liked the Not A Negroni — gin, Rosso Vermouth and strawberry. The drink was mixed well and tasted refreshing and sweet. If Tequila is your poison, go for the Madras Reimagined, made with tequila, curry leaf cordial and topped with toasted curry leaves.  The small eats at Sky Garden range from Turkish Kebabs to Greek Spanakopitas. We were served a platter with a selection of their signature dishes. Harissa Chicken, Sweet and Sour Crispy Pork and The Passion Fruit Glazed Meatballs were some of the highlights. Another must-try is the chef’s own invention — Mushroom ‘Bourgoupie.’ Brioche bread is stuffed with sweet and spicy mushroom pate and 
mascarpone cheese, a melange of aromatic flavours. 

Sev the date
The restaurant also has freshly baked pizzas. They served us two pizzas, the Bombay Chaat and Truffle Al Fungi. Topped with sev, onions and chutney, the chaat pizza is certainly one for the adventurous eater. Although we enjoyed the experimental element of the dish, the truffle pizza had our heart. The pizza has three types of mushrooms — porcini, shiitake and wild mushrooms, and is drizzled with truffle oil that’s infused with green chilli. The oil brings the whole dish together.

We wanted to go with a classic for the main course so we opted for a Mushroom Stroganoff. The dish was creamy and rich, and the flavour of the mushrooms paired well with the herbed rice it was served on. A trendy Biscoff Cheesecake was presented to us for the last course. The velvety cake was topped with Biscoff dust and a luscious Biscoff spread. Sky Garden, with its great ambience and fun cocktails, is a 
great addition to the Whitefield nightlife scene.

Rs 1,500 for two. At Whitefield