This Bengaluru-based restaurant is offering the best of Cantonese cuisine with its 'Lantern Brunch'

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Chef Kevin at The Lantern, The Ritz- Carlton
Chef Kevin at The Lantern, The Ritz- Carlton

Brimming with flavour and colour, with a touch of homeliness, aptly describes Cantonese cuisin e. Originating in China, the flavours seem familiar, but hidden deep within its delights, Cantonese food presents a melange of intricate tastes for the palate.

Wishing to dive into the wondrous wok of Cantonese cuisine, we landed at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, on a rainy Saturday afternoon and made our way to the quiet environs of The Lantern.

The restaurant, specialising in Cantonese as well as Pan-Asian fare, was ready with its Lantern Brunch, a hearty ensemble of local recipes from the Orient.

A super-comfortable couch, facing a window welcoming in daylight, was going to enhance our experience. The appetising brunch menu, curated by chefs Kevin and Yong Chong Tay, is a harmonious blend of Cantonese flavours. We were served bowls of Chicken Hot & Sour Soup, a perfect companion to the melodic drizzle outside.

Chef Kevin at The Lantern, The Ritz- Carlton
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The soup, with its rich layers of soy, was warmth personified. The restaurant recently introduced a new dim sum range. The Truffle Edamame Dumpling, with its truffle-scented edamame cream, wrapped inside wheat starch skin, just melts in the mouth.

The other strong contenders in this dim sum duel included, Chicken Xiao Long Bao, which was fulfilling, thanks to the minced chicken-flavoured soup that goes into it; Nori Seafood Roll, with its rich ocean taste; and Peking Duck Dumpling, fried with leeks, carrot and scallion.

Even as we were soaking in the dim sum experience, a glorious plate of Crispy Chilli Chicken reached our table. The precise mix of onion, capsicum, chillies and scallion, merging with chicken, makes for a nostalgic dish, reminiscent of the ’90s.

This is how chilli chicken used to be, smooth on the palate, with a mildly spiced aftertaste. The chicken was succulent, dancing well with its fellow ingredients.

Next up, the Crispy Aromatic Duck had a traditionally tasty vibe about it, which became complete with a dash of Chinese herbs, crudites, steamed pancakes and Hoisin sauce.

The main course threw more delectable surprises. A bowl each of Chicken Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and Chicken Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles were simple, yet sublime, having spent time in the wok for the requisite minutes, coating itself with a toasty note.

Chef Kevin at The Lantern, The Ritz- Carlton
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Accompanying this course, Stir Fried King Prawn and Asparagus in XO Sauce came with large juicy prawns, diced in a seafood-based sauce, along with generous additions of asparagus and bell peppers, while the Hot and Spicy Singapore Chilli Chicken had a sweet tartness to it, packing in some onion, tomato, celery and sweet chilli sauce.

The large chunks of chicken were the main event – not very chewy and perfectly made. The circle of spicy, sour and sweet is complete with dessert and we sampled two of them. The Ritz Carlton Cake was chocolaty heaven, while the Raum Mit, made of coconut milk panna cotta, mango coulis and sago pearls, is the go-to treat this season.

INR 3,200 onwards/person. At Residency Road.


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