Bangalore's Happily, Bhola & Blonde proudly serves creative platter with pinch of elegance and style

When it’s as much about ambience as about food, the design of Bhola & Blonde, Bengaluru’s bold new restaurant, is a flamboyant ode to desi décor

author_img Bindu Gopal Rao Published :  10th July 2022 07:21 PM   |   Published :   |  10th July 2022 07:21 PM

When conceptualising ethnic decor, especially in a commercial space, there’s always a danger of going overboard, one way or the other. Either too much pricey gold, brass or silk makes it look like a Mughal durbar. Or, too tacky with bamboo, terracotta and fussy folksy finds. Happily, Bhola & Blonde is neither. It takes the choicest elements of ethnic India and serves them on a creative platter of elegance and style.

If flamboyant India is what we’re talking about, who better to take artistic inspiration from than our glorious national bird, the peacock? The plush blues and greens, therefore, hit you head-on, preparing you for the feast that awaits inside. The creation of interior designer Minal Chopra, the aim, she explains, is to attract Indian families who want to dine at an upscale Indian restaurant relating to their sensibilities and giving them an ambience that not only complements the food but also elevates their mood. “The aesthetic sensibilities were drawn from classic ‘desi’ elements like tungsten lighting, peacock motifs and attractive sconces and wall adornments. The live music and eclectic cocktails are a bonus to the mood we were going for,” says Chopra.

Indeed, from the walls to the furniture and furnishings, each element is in line with the peacock as the central theme of the Bhola & Blonde visual experience. “We have used giant standalone peacock throne-like chairs on either side of the restaurant. The idea was to go for an opulent lush look complemented by standard seating and stand-out statement pieces that will catch a person’s eye immediately,” says Anuj Chugh, Partner & Creative Head, Bhola & Blonde. Aside from the signature adornments and peacock motifs, the team has scoured perfect accessories that add that extra bit of personality. The furniture, in fact, was custom-curated and designed by a famous fashion designer who now has their own furniture line.

The challenge in designing the space was to ensure that the interiors provide an experience, as authentic as possible, to not only stand out in the crowd and to ensure it did not get lost in translation. “There was, of course, a lot of revision and tweaking that went into finalising our look and design, we experimented with colours and mirrors to finally come to a decision that proved to be a visual treat and aesthetic wonder,” says Chopra. So, if you’re looking to have a meal at a place that looks as good as the food tastes, head to this sensory experience that will leave you asking for more.