Kenilworth Hotel’s ‘lazy’ Sunday brunch explains why this ambience-led format is trending on weekends  

author_img U.Roy Published :  12th March 2021 02:27 AM   |   Published :   |  12th March 2021 02:27 AM

A Cosmopolitan and Choux at Kenilworth Hotel

Contrary to its name, lazy brunches have to be amazingly efficient; they have to be deftly assembled and expertly-paced. With the buffet format, of course, there’s a lot of room for patrons to choose their own experience - they can opt for a sit-down with some sangria or go for a more mobilised sampling with the old fashioned table-hopping. Luckily, Kenilworth Hotel has the luxury to offer both kinds of experiences, and perhaps some more with their newly launched Sunday brunches.

The lazy brunch trend offers a glimpse into the post-pandemic F&B culture that demands a more engaging experience for customers so as to keep them in one place for longer. Since it has effectively replaced the concept of ‘crawls’ (often deemed too splurge-forward by most people), it is definitely a commercial bonus for properties but it’s also cost-effective for the paying customer who’s essentially getting more, even in terms of ambience and diversity in set-ups.

Spring rolls at Kenilworth

“The idea of the lazy brunch is to offer a really leisurely experience for the last day of the weekend, when people sleep in anyway. So they can skip breakfast and drop in around early afternoon for a relaxed meal. We’ve tried to introduce as many cuisines as possible, you’ll even find a live chaat counter. Live counters are really well-received as a concept because people can see their food being made, it’s all fresh. They can choose to sit down and opt for a on-the-table buffet experience or even have an open-air meal at our manicured lawns, or sample the food directly from the counters,” Kevin Wilkins, General Manager, Kenilworth Hotel, tells us.

From Asian street food to bread and cheese tables, freshly-assorted salad counters, a selection of Mongolian favourites, fresh grills, and of course a wide array of desserts and bakes, Kenilworth’s brunch has it all. A good way to go about a line-up this elaborate would be to pick your choice of cocktails first and design your meal accordingly, that is of course, if you’re drinking. The brunch offers an impeccable beverage menu with some classic cocktails, some fusionist mixes and of course, beers and wines. When we dropped in on a cloudy afternoon, a sharp minty mojito and some spring rolls were deemed to be the perfect brunch openers by everyone at our table. The buttery kebabs and steaming European grills will also have you asking for seconds.

“For most people brunch is all about kebabs and cocktails or whiskey but we’ve tried to upgrade the experience by introducing a lot more options, like shawarma and some easy comfort picks,” Wilkins adds. We paired a Cosmopolitan with a cheesy mixed grill platter, which is much recommended owing to the contrast in their flavour profiles . If you’re looking for something unusual start with a chaat and then move on to Mongolian and Oriental classics, which are shareable. Hot tip: Don't miss out on the flawless sugar-dusted choux from the dessert line-up (that also features some easy-portioned mousse cubes), they are perfectly baked and have a creamy chocolate filling and while we paired them with a gin-based cocktail, you can also pair it with some wine.

Timing - Noon to 4.30pm

1299 ++ without liquor per person 

1799++ with liquor per person 

750 ++ for kids between 6 and 12 years