Cascara kombucha and vegan lattes: Craft Coffee at Trincas lines up hottest artisanal picks

Have you been to Craft Coffee, yet?

author_img   |   Published :   |  25th March 2021 09:20 AM

Have you been to Craft Coffee, yet?

Trincas, the heritage landmark at Kolkata's Park Street is now home to Craft Coffee, a new-wave artisanal brand that aims at making specialty coffee more readily available, by pushing the take away/ hyper local delivery and the millennial-approved coffee-on-the-go model.

Choco Coffee Blend

"We always felt there's a lot to do in the specialty coffee spectrum; there cafes who work with specialty coffee but they usually have a limited scaleability. We wanted to go for a platform that's widely reachable and easy to scale up with standalone kiosks, collaborations, app-based ordering, loyalty programs etc. Craft Coffee focuses on specialty blends but also on coffee-on-the-go format, which is so popular. So even if you want an oat milk latte, a tender coconut cold brew or a coffee spritzer on-the-go, you can get it within minutes," says Craft Coffee's Abhinav Kumar, who's also a partner in Roastery Coffee House another beloved coffee chain.

Roastery Coffee House as a supplier curates exclusive single estate microlot coffee blends for Craft Coffee, while the new brand plans also work with exclusive roasters to introduce newer trends. While the cascara kombucha, signature coffee cocktails and vegan variants of oat milk latte and oat milk frappuccino rely on exclusive recipes, we also spotted some niche fruit-toned cold brews on the menu, as well as manual brews like French press, pourover etc. Craft Coffee also serves an elegant, all-day breakfast menu and Trincas’ legendary Continental Menu is also available at the outlet 11:30 am onwards. 

Must Haves: Choco Loco, Coffee Affogato, Cold brew with cream tonic