Review: Kolkata's Zobet plates novel spectacles with new menu

Zobet has a new menu!

author_img U.Roy Published :  03rd September 2021 02:18 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd September 2021 02:18 AM
Zobet kolkata

Zobet has a brand new menu!

Balancing familiarity with adventure is always a safe bet for all-day menus and Zobet’s updated menu takes some big risks without letting go of its hot-sellers and comfort picks. The Camac Street gastropub’s revamped line-up is going for modernist pairings and some trending grubs; so you’ll spot everything from a Mediterranean Buddha Bowl salad to the oh-so-popular Pull Me Up cake (or Tsunami Cake) and some elaborate desi grills

Zobet just introduced sushi to its menu and lines up some classic and new-wave sushi rolls. The Prawn Tempura roll, for instance, is an elegant uramaki curation, with the perfect mix of tenderness and crunch. The Yin Yang salmon rolls feature succulent, silky fish ribboning a compact roll of avocado, tombajan and ikura (red salmon caviar). There’s also black rice sushi and the California rolls (made with kanikama crab sticks) which are worth a try.

zobet new menu
Malabar chicken parotta tacos

Zobet’s sharing plates offer great value in terms of portioning and also play around with some quirky formats. The Malabar Parotta Chicken Tacos are a great addition to the menu and it's exactly what it sounds like; crunchy, flaky parottas are filled with impeccably seasoned Chettinad chicken and are served like open-faced tacos. They’re also plated to be really versatile and can double up as a quick midday lunch for those on a time crunch. The sharing plates section also features Himalayan Momos, Butter Chicken Mac n Cheese and Chicken Shish Touk (marinated chicken skewers served with tzatziki).

zobet new menu
Yin Yang salmon rolls

The Penang Style Grilled Chicken With Kimchi Rice is good enough for two; the rice is well-balanced and doesn’t go too heavy on the seasoning; the juicy, well-sized chunks of grilled chicken are strung on skewers. The menu has also introduced Udon and Pad Thai noodles in its Asian section. We weren’t expecting a ‘pull me up’ cake for dessert since the trend is yet to find its footing in the city. Zobet’s version is a non-fussy, table-friendly number that designs just the right amount of ganache-y mess on a plate. A see-through cylinder is pulled away from the petite, round cake to leave behind a small wave of falling chocolate; it’s quite sleek and ideally should be paired with something with a subtle, salty aftertaste (Zobet’s cheesecake, for instance).

Our recommendations from the new menu: The vegetarian mock meat dim sum (perfectly delicate and packs some intense flavours), Malabar Parotta Chicken Taco (perfect appetiser for a group of 4) and the Pull Me Up Chocolate Ganache cake (that can be passed around the table)