Check out UNO Pizzeria & Grill’s second outlet

Relish their signature deep dish pizzas or taxi burgers at City Centre II

author_img Subhadrika Sen Published :  14th September 2023 11:59 PM   |   Published :   |  14th September 2023 11:59 PM

UNO Pizzeria & Grill opens its second outlet at City Centre II

As UNO Pizzeria & Grill opened doors for the second time at City Centre II, Indulge went over to check out the space and savour some of the signature dishes on offer. The ambience was cheerful with warm welcomes, peppy beats, and super quick service. The modern décor with touch lamps on each table emitted cuteness and cosiness.

We started the evening with UNO Raspberry lime ricky which refreshed and awakened our senses. A chilled raspberry-flavoured mocktail with pops of citrusy punch was a good start.

Next came the Chicago Meat Market, a signature deep-dish pizza with several layers of meat topped with cheese and chunky tomato sauce. From lamb mince to chicken pepperoni, from mozzarella cheese to parmesan, the enticing smell of cheese, meat, and tomato wafted in the air as soon as the pizza was placed in front of us. Enough to make one full after a couple of slices, the cheese-burst pizza with crispy bread-like crust should be a must-try from this restaurant.

Chicago Meat Market

The Chicken Spinoccoli Pasta would be the correct dish to satisfy a pasta lover. A UNO original, it comprises chicken fillets with feta and mozzarella cheese along with spinach, broccoli, tomato, garlic, and basil, cut and layered on a bed of pesto pasta. The minty pasta with cheese and crunchy vegetables-filled chicken evoked a unique balance of flavours.

The Tex Mex Cottage Cheese Tchoupitoulas would make a vegetarian’s day. Pan-seared blackened cottage cheese with Spanish rice and Tchoupitoulas sauce served with butter veggies looked like an attractive meal. The cottage cheese in itself fell plain but when combined with the gravy and rice turned the tables altogether. The savoury cottage cheese along with the gravy which emitted tartness balanced the flavours very well.

‘cheese burst’ Taxi Burger

Another signature dish, the ‘cheese burst’ Taxi Burger was next in line. A thick chicken patty stuffed with emmanthal and mozzarella with double yellow cheddar cheese and crispy fried bacon strips clubbed under a multi-grain bun called for a cheesy, crispy, and crunchy affair. The accompanying French fries with a salsa dip also won us over.

The best was saved for the last as we wrapped up with the UNO Deep Dish Sundae. A warm walnut and choco-chip crumb base topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce transported us to the dessert wonderland.

UNO Deep Dish Sundae

Subhajit Das, kitchen manager mentions, “A lot of people prefer only meat and cheese. That is why I curated the cheese burst burger. Apart from the Deep Dish pizza, we have a lot of main courses in fish and chicken which one should try. We also customise the dishes on the menu as per vegan choices.”

We definitely recommend visiting with your friends and family for a hearty meal.

Price for two (approx): Rs 1400+ (without alcohol) and Rs 2000+ (with alcohol)

Pics: Anindya Saha