Balaram Mullick, KC Das and Flurys among world's most legendary dessert places

The three iconic eateries from Kolkata have been serving people since decades with their specialties

author_img Subhadrika Sen Published :  15th September 2023 10:09 AM   |   Published :   |  15th September 2023 10:09 AM
Sweet shops in Kolkata find global recognition

Sweet shops in Kolkata find global recognition

From Misthi doi to rosogolla, Kolkata has always been a hotspot for those with a sweet tooth. Now, popular food guide Taste Atlas has also named eateries from the city in its just-released list of legendary dessert spaces in the world. Heritage eateries K.C Das, Flurys and Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick find spots in this from Kolkata; apart from eateries like Kayani Bakery, Pune, and Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad. All three outlets from Kolkata have earned a position within the Top 50.

K.C Das, whose founder is claimed to be the inventor of Rosogollas has been selling these sweet fried balls in sugar syrup since 1866. Having earned a spot at number 25, it has further taken this signature sweet dish to the global map. Speaking to Indulge, director Dhiman Das mentions, " It is a very happy occasion to be featured. We created an example by holding strongly on to the traditional Indian-ness through our offerings and earning a spot on the list. This has also increased our responsibilities towards our customers. We have to keep up and even better our standards by working meticulously, stringently complying with food safety norms and bettering our products."

Flurys, the iconic bakery with its flagship store in Park Street is at position 26. Known for its chocolate boats, rum balls, and breakfast platters, Flurys is one of the prominent tea rooms in the city. They even have outlets spread throughout the city in known areas and shopping malls and have also expanded to Mumbai. Vikas Kumar, director of food production comments, " It feels great to be a part of such an iconic list and it is one of the best recognition we have got to date. What is very interesting is that Flurys is one of the only brands in India representing the Western Confectioneries. India has started competing at a global level in technology and other things where it was not really appreciated so much some decades back. But now as businesses, we are coming of age and really taking a rightful place in the global western confectionery scene and I think that is something we hold very dear to us. The team is very proud of this and we will just keep doing better."

In Kolkata, one cannot forget its traditional sandesh, and where else but Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick to search for them. Their adaptation to the contemporary palate with interesting innovations and usage of technology has further broadened their fame to a number 37 spot on the list. Director Sudip Mullick tells Indulge, "We were very excited on hearing the news. It was totally unexpected. Only when a friend sent the list across we were aware of it. It is inspiring me to do more work. We are 37 on the list and I hope to reach position 1 in the future. I believe this international recognition is the result of our hard work and it makes us very happy."