Dishes from the Thai menu
Dishes from the Thai menu

Enjoy a slice of Thailand at Club Verde's food fest

As per the chef, the menu has been kept as authentic as possible.

Experience the exquisite flavours of Thailand with Club Verde's limited Thai menu offerings. Start your culinary journey with comforting soups, including the fragrant Tom kha Vegetable and the classic Tom kha Gai.

Indulge in a variety of starters, such as the crispy Thai Style Tau Kwa, flavourful Thai Chicken Skewers, and the delightful Thai Fish Cakes. Dive into the rich and aromatic main courses, featuring traditional favourites like Kaeng Khiao, Vegetable Massamman Curry, and Fish Penang Curry. Don't miss our Pad See Ew stir-fries and the tantalising Gang Pet Gai. Finally, treat yourself to a sweet ending with our refreshing Tub Tim Grob dessert.

Soumitra Sen, head chef said, "We have tried to keep the menu as authentic as possible. I would request people to definitely try the Thai coconut noodles, Thai fish cakes and the coconut dessert." 

What: Thai Food Festival

When: Till February 29, lunch and dinner

Where: Club Verde, The Condoville, Panchasayar

Pocket pinch for two: Rs 1000+

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