Gang up at Zucca Lounge for it's magical ambience and delectable treats  

Murg Malai tikka waffles for appetisers and Chocolate comets for dessert. Zucca Lounge surprises us at every turn

author_img   |   Published :   |  04th January 2019 12:00 AM

Fungi Misti Marinate Pizza

AT LORD Sinha Road, Zucca Lounge caters to everybody’s needs. Friends can chill over Continental, Chinese and Italian gourmet, or smoke sheesha, while a family can have a fine dining experience sans the smoky ambience on the first floor. The two-month old, 120-seater joint spread across 2,400 sq ft also has a separate space for private parties with cozy couches and illuminated walls. The otherwise dim ambience, in the main area, is enlivened by spotlights over the tables, laser lights making patterns on the wall and the DJ belting out groovy tracks. The right formula to spend a good time, we say.

MMT waffle

Hooked to hookah

A separate menu for hookah with signature flavours like double apple, exotic paan and more are among the 25 to 30 flavours on offer. The smoky sessions also come with a base like Red Bull and mocktails. If sheesha is not your thing, fret not, their elaborate menu of food will keep you calm and your mood refreshed. The mocktail menu offers fruit-based concoction which gets full marks for its presentation. We loved sipping on pineapple juice served in a whole pineapple! Watermelon juice too is served in a similar fashion, we were informed. With a long list of soups, starters, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and more, a hungry soul might have difficulty in making up his or her mind. Once decided, Chef Md Amir will keep you wanting for more. As we settled beside the DJ’s console, following the patterns of the striking laser beams on the wall, Burnt Garlic Fish makes an appearance on the table. The beautiful synthesis of mustard and burnt garlic with bhetki made a good score with our taste buds. Playing with flavours further was the MMT waffle, with the abbreviation standing for Murg Malai Tikka. The soft and creamy tikka had a crispy twist due to the waffle’s base and we simply loved this fusion dish.

Refreshing mojito


Dash of drama

The best part of the meal was when the chef took the time to serve us select dishes personally, that were high on drama. On a flat jet black disc shaped plate, the chef prepared Chaat Highway, a flavourful platter with the punch of sweet, sour and tangy. The culinary master’s sleight of hand was further displayed with Chocolate Comet Crush, a dessert that was presented in the form of a comet (strawberry mouse with solid white chocolate coating), crashing into the flat black disc.


At 1 AJC Bose road, Lord Sinha Road,

Meal for two: `1,200 plus taxes