Kolkata's Michelin star diner Yauatcha's Sunday brunch offers great food & drink options

Yauatcha’s Sunday Brunch offers up four courses of pure Asian goodness with expertly curated flavours — all paired with light and botanical gin  

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  21st June 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 12:00 AM

Appetisers from Yauatcha's Sunday Brunch menu

Very few all-day diners can set up a brunch menu like the South Kolkata dim sum tea house, Yauatcha. The eatery, located on the fifth floor of Quest Mall, has come up with a spectacular Sunday Brunch platter, paired with some light and botanical gin, in collaboration with Monkey 47. The diner’s authentic Cantonese-style dishes like Har Gow and Shui Mai, and a diverse array of herbal aromatic teas such as the Orchid Pao Chung Cha and High Mountain Oolong, have all found immense popularity; so much that Yauatcha loyalists can even claim to place orders without a menu in hand! All this, amidst a cosmopolitan al fresco set-up, where diners can watch people pass by and sit beside the wide glass windows for sprawling views of the city. 

Fried lotus root with asparagus, corn and pumpkin rolls and gin

We start things off with Yauatcha’s Chicken Satay Buns, with a pillowy and semi-spongy texture, and a filling featuring light tangy, skewered chicken satay. Sipping on the gin and tonic, we realise it is an ideal drink to be paired with the wide seasoning of a bona fide South East Asian menu, where the subtle blends bring out the delicious relish of each dish. The Crispy Duck Cheung Fun which was our next item of interest, is a Southern Chinese rice noodle roll, and just happens to be one of the best dishes on Yauatcha’s Cantonese-style menu. The duck cheung fun were oblong, white doughy rolls filled with a crunchy curried duck, and we watched with anticipation as our server poured the soy sauce over the stunning stack of rolls. A masterfully prepared appetiser, brimming with unpredictability and duality of texture, the cheung fun was a revelation, especially considering how hard it is to get a duck starter right. 

Pumkin and corn rolls and veggie dumplings 

We also tried a Crispy Vegetable Cheung Fun and a Crispy Asparagus, Pumpkin and Corn roll, the latter presented like the season of spring on a platter, with just the right consistency between creamy corn, steamed veggies and a superbly crunchy exterior. For mains, the Spicy Vegetable Fried rice and Stir Fry Chicken in Chilli Oil was our first pick; the veggie rice had rustic hints and a well-finished saltiness to it. Keep in mind, the rice needs to be paired with something not too spicy, to balance out the edge. The Sliced in Mobo Tofu Sauce was something we wanted to try, so we ordered some of that with the Prawn Hakkien noodle, which turned out to be the perfect team. 

Veggie dumplings and gin 

The Hakkien is an intensely seasoned thick noodle, vaguely sweet with tropical notes to it. We loved the chunky, well-cooked prawns, especially as the flavour profile went so well with the uncomplicated, mildly prepared fish and tofu. The fresh, diced bhetki had a slight punchiness, which cut through the modest tofu and the skinny gravy. For dessert, the brunch offers a delightfully quirky Williams pear sorbet, served with ground cotton candy and toasted sesame seeds. Yauatcha of course, features a wonderful patisserie, and handmade petits gateaux and macarons, like the Raspberry Delice and Chocolate Pebbles are hugely popular, but the pear sorbet is Instagram-worthy perfection; it’s thankfully not too fruity, and the toasted sesame is a lovely addition. 

Noon to 4 pm. At Rs 2,500 per person