Chapter 2 at Southern Avenue calls for all Hilsa lovers while the season lasts

This exclusive, limited time menu features six star dishes curated by Sushanta Halder, Executive Chef of the restaurant chain
Hilsa Sizzler
Hilsa Sizzler

We might not be particularly fond of Monsoon but it can’t keep us from the bountiful produce this season brings along. Amongst the plethora of local delicacies that we identify with this season, Hilsa happens to take the topmost place in the list. While multiple eateries are coming up with Hilsa Festivals to celebrate queen of river fishes, Chapter 2 has taken it a notch higher with Deboned Hilsa Festival. This exclusive, limited time menu features six star dishes curated by Sushanta Halder, Executive Chef of the restaurant chain.

“Hilsa is predominantly associated with classic Bengali dishes. This festival is an attempt to break through the stereotypes and diversify the flavourful fish with a continental twist. I am pretty sure the dishes we have curated here cannot be found anywhere else in the city. These dishes will taste heavenly when paired with wine,” shares Sushanta.

The retro themed bistro at Southern Avenue bustles with food and music lovers throughout the week, especially after work hours. Laden with tufted sofas and a strong ambient light, the interiors somehow reminded us of a cinematic talk show set. The exterior too is equally interesting, with a usable bench that is home to a copper-ish retro statue of a man dressed in tuxedo, playing the accordion.

From the six deboned Hilsa specialties namely Hilsa Fingers, Baked Hilsa, Hilsa Sizzler, Grilled Hilsa Steak, Anglo Indian Mustard Hilsa Curry and Smoked Hilsa, we liked the latter two best. While the smoked variant arrived with a pairing of lightly sautéed veggies, the Mustard Hilsa Curry will remind you of Bhapa Ilish in a milder avatar. A sharp tang from Cheddar Cheese is the secret that makes this dish stand apart. The curry comes in a soulful bowl, paired with steamed rice and would be more than enough for two. Hilsa Fingers make for the perfect appetiser, and pairing with alcoholic concoctions.

If you are a Hilsa lover but too lazy to pick every bone, we can’t stress enough on how important it is for you to taste the Hilsa steak. “Since the fish is smeared with bones, it is impossible to serve it in a chunk even for a steak. We deconstruct it, pick out the bones with our knives and tongs, and compress it together in the shape of a steak,” concludes Sushanta.

Price for Two: Rs. 1900

On till July 31

Hilsa at Home:

<em>Smoked Hilsa</em>
Smoked Hilsa


Deboned Hilsa Fish Fillet-1

Fresh Cream- 50ml

Salt- 1 tbsp

Pepper- 1tbsp

Butter/Olive Oil- 1tbsp

Mustard Sauce- 1tbsp

Assorted Vegetables of choice (Suggested- Beans, Carrot, Babycorn, Cauliflower)

Polenta (optional)


1.       Take a pan and melt some butter in it.

2.       Add some cream, mustard sauce and give it a mix and season with salt and pepper.

3.       Put the fish fillet inside a Charcoal Grill and let it fry for 4 to 5 minutes on both sides.

4.       Remove the fillet from the pan and keep it aside.

5.       Add the mustard sauce over the fish, serve with assorted vegetables, and polenta.

6.       Finish the dish by pouring the hot sizzling Hilsa fish oil for the additional smoky flavour.

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